A Decade and Beyond – Creality’s 10 years of innovation and community engagement

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SPONSORED NEWS – Creality, a leading global manufacturer of 3D printers, proudly commemorated its 10th anniversary on 9 April in Huizhou, China with exciting events and product launches. The milestone event, themed as “A Decade and Beyond”, not only marks years of groundbreaking achievements but also reaffirms Creality’s commitment to driving innovation and fostering a vibrant 3DP community worldwide. The grand event was attended by nearly 300 people.

New Brand Language Rendered through Engaging User Activities

The anniversary event provided an opportunity to reflect on the recent brand renewal around the New Year. This transformative endeavor unveiled a new logo, a creative green “A” that also resembles intertwining hands, symbolizing sustainability, proficiency, and community. The brand revolution revolves around the core values, encapsulated in the brand essence “USAVE” – “Usable, Smart, Affordable, Versatile, Enjoyable”, each embodying a distinctive commitment. Creality encourages users to unleash their creativity with the new slogan ‘Imagine It, Make It.’

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Over the past decade, Creality has led the charge in revolutionizing the 3D printing industry, focusing on Creality Devices, Creality Cloud, and the Creality Ecosystem. Since its inception in 2014, the company has aimed to democratize 3D printing, making 3DP products accessible to households worldwide. Reflecting on the past and looking into the future on this milestone anniversary, Creality is riding the wave of its product success and transitioning into “Creality Life”, marking a new era of innovation and inspiration in the coming decade and beyond. Creality Life symbolizes the company’s dedication to advancing technology to foster creativity and empower lives.

This progression has been exemplified through engaging anniversary activities such as the Anniversary Video Challenge and the Museum Invasion Program. The Video Challenge secured almost 100 clips from global users sharing their Creality journey, while the Museum Invasion showcased over 200 models. Participants from both activities received premium prizes.

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Presenting the Groundbreaking Printers

Creality seized the occasion to unveil several cutting-edge products, including multi-color 3D printers and ecosystem enhancements, designed to revolutionize the printing experience for users of all skill levels.

Creality K2 Plus + Creality Filament System (CFS)

With a substantial 350mm cubed build volume, the groundbreaking K2 Plus is the latest addition to Creality’s esteemed K Series. Leveraging the comprehensive Creality Filament System (CFS), the K2 Plus innovates multi-color 3D printing, pushing the boundaries of 3D printing possibilities. Revolutionizing filament management with RFID-enabled automatic identification and selection, the intuitive design of the CFS allows for effortless creation of stunning 16-color prints while supporting automatic filament loading, unloading, and replacement.

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With its smart cartridge management and integration with Creality OS, the CFS identifies and manages filaments with RFID tags, ensuring optimal pairing for each print against material, color and weight. Additionally, the CFS features a sealed design with an anti-escape feature, temperature and humidity display screens, and accommodates up to four 1kg filament rolls per box, with support for up to four parallel CFS units for 16-roll filament printing.

Beyond its multi-filament capabilities, the K2 Plus boasts unmatched print quality and efficiency, thanks to precision engineering and advanced features such as active chamber heating, next-generation extrusion, auto-leveling and FOC closed-loop motors. Empowered by Creality OS and Edge AI technology, the K2 Plus offers seamless connectivity and intelligent monitoring, ushering in a fresh 3DP user experience.

Even better, Creality aims to introduce an entire K2 series of printers with CFS multi-color kit as a standard on every model. The K2 Plus will be available in standalone units as well as with CFS Combo packages and officially launch on July 31st globally.

Ender-3 V3 Plus

One step up from the new Ender-3 V3 launched earlier this year, the Ender-3 V3 Plus is a powerhouse designed to boost creativity. With a generous build volume of 300x300x330mm, CoreXZ technology enabling speeds of up to 600mm/s, and a robust all-metal frame bolstered with support rods for added stability, this printer revolutionizes large-scale printing. Equipped with two powerful Y-axis motors, a direct extrusion system, and an integrated tri-metal nozzle, it ensures clog-free extrusion and precise filament melting for flawless prints. Enhanced with dual-part cooling fans, auto-calibration, and compatibility with Creality OS, this printer offers unparalleled convenience and quality in 3D printing.

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Featuring a 10.1″ 14K mono LCD, the HALOT-Mage S 14K delivers stunning precision at 150mm/h with “Dynax+” mode. The uniform integral light source ensures sharp prints with 0.02-0.09mm accuracy. With Speed-intended “Pictor” film and Smart HALOT OS for remote printing, it offers unparalleled control. Plus, its built-in air purifier guarantees an odor-free experience.

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Ecosystem Expansion Sweeping the Board

In line with Creality’s commitment to providing a comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem, Creality also announced significant expansions in its accessories offerings designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and user experience and enable seamless integration with its cloud-based platform.

Creality Falcon2 Pro 60W – The World’s First Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

With 60W cutting power, and three lasers in one, the Creality Falcon2 Pro 60W ensures efficient cutting and precise engraving. Its fully enclosed design and built-in camera for auto-positioning guarantee safety and convenience. Plus, it comes with a bonus 1.6W laser module to achieve ultra-fine engraving and impeccable detail. In all, the Creality Falcon2 Pro 60W is the top-choice for more profitable business.

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CR-Scan Otter – Small to Large, Scan It, Make It

Able to scan objects ranging between 10-2000mm with up to 0.02mm accuracy and innovative four-lens stereo vision, the CR-Scan Otter is your go-to solution for precise scanning objects of all sizes. Its anti-shaking feature guarantees smooth scanning, while its capability to scan black/metal objects without spraying expands its versatility. Additionally, enjoy 24-bit full-color scanning for detailed and accurate results.

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CR-Scan Raptor – Ultra High Accuracy, Choice for Metrology-grade

With high accuracy up to 0.02mm, speeds up to 60fps, and seven laser lines scanning, the CR-Scan Raptor is the ultimate choice for precise and efficient scanning. Featuring infrared structured light scanning and covering sizes from 5-2000mm, it offers versatility across a wide range of applications. Lightweight at 370g, the Raptor is portable and suitable for various scanning needs.

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Materials Innovation

This year, Creality is making more varied, more colorful, more environmentally friendly, and just better printing materials. Offering over 50 vibrant filament colors across the Ender, CR, and Hyper series, Creality is now introducing the innovative RFID series filament for color and material recognition and intelligent management via Creality Cloud. Moreover, new CF, PA, PETG, and resin materials will be available, catering to various printing needs.

3D-printed Shoes

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Tagged as “Dragon Flame” and “Dragon Horn”, two pairs of slippers ushered in Creality’s fresh range of 3D-printed shoes, combining cutting-edge design with advanced additive manufacturing technology. These shoes offer superior comfort, durability, and flexibility, making them ideal for everyday wear. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Creality’s 3D-printed shoes represent the future of footwear design.

A Monumental Moment

The Anniversary event centered around Creality’s journey over the past decade and its vision for the future and concluded with an appreciation dinner.

Interviewed about his own impression of the monumental moment, Adam AO, CEO of Creality, reflected, “I am deeply moved by the sense of pride and gratitude evoked by the past ten years and this remarkable anniversary. This celebration embodies not just a milestone but a testament to our enduring commitment to 3D printing innovation, industry and community. I believe our recent brand renewal resonates with our users and their boundless creativity. Initiatives like the Anniversary Video Challenge and the Museum Invasion Program exemplify our brand’s and community’s spirit, empowering individuals to shape the future of 3D printing. Launching our pioneering products shows that our innovation spirit is unchanged. Most importantly, we’re committed to bringing what all these add up to into the next decade and beyond. I want to thank our users, suppliers, distributors, media friends, KOCs and KOLs, and all our guests here – together; we will continue to innovate, grow, and leave our mark on 3DP history.”

Unprecedented Promotions on Creality Store and Amazon

To engage and reward the users and 3DP community, Creality also launched promotional campaigns centered around the theme “Creality’s 10-Year Journey, Crafting the Future Together.” These initiatives, including direct-to-consumer (DTC) events and exclusive offers taking place 2 – 9 April on Creality Store and Creality’s Amazon shop, aim to celebrate the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines Creality’s legacy. For more information about Creality and its products, visit https://creality.com/.

Creality Store

US: https://store.creality.com/pages/crealitys-10th-anniversary-sale
EU: https://store.creality.com/eu/pages/crealitys-10th-anniversary-sale
DE: https://store.creality.com/de/pages/creality-10-jahriges-jubilaum-mega-sale
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CA: https://store.creality.com/ca/pages/crealitys-10th-anniversary-sale
JP: https://store.creality.com/jp/pages/crealitys-10th-anniversary-sale

Creality on Amazon: https://gtly.to/wROFBtEnq

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