Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table review – your mobile, multifunctional grilling sidekick!

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REVIEW – Sometimes you just need more working space when you’re cooking outdoors. That’s the mission the Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table is designed for, providing extra space for all of your stuff in addition to organizing your tools. And when you’re done, you can fold it up and pack it away! Let’s learn more. To the review!

What is it?

The Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table is a mobile grill table with shelves, hooks, and attachments for all of your grilling accessories. It also folds up for storage or transport.

Tech specs

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28″ tall by 40.5″ wide by 17″ deep
30″ by 17″ surface for appliances or tabletop grills
300 lb weight capacity
41 pounds

Design and features

The Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table is designed as a full-service, portable sidekick for your grilling endeavors. When fully assembled, the table measures in at 28″ tall. The work surface is 40.5″ wide by 17″ deep including the removable extension shown here on the left side of the table.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 12

I was struggling to find a confirmation of the material choice, but it seems to be a powder coated aluminum or steel. Whatever it’s made of, the build is solid when assembled, with heavy-duty wheels and a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. The cart itself weighs 40 pounds.

This table has a set of features designed to make your life easier while you’re managing the flames. The aforementioned  10.5″ shelf extension joins a vertical paper towel rod and a condiment rack on the back side of the cart that are all detachable if not needed. There’s a magnetic strip for tools and a bottle opener on the front face, and two additional removable shelves underneath the work surface. Wasagun also includes a fabric pad that you can put down on the work surface to avoid scratches.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 23

The right side of the cart includes a push handle that is also removable for storage. The wheels on this side rotate 360 degrees for maneuvering the cart, and are lockable so that it doesn’t go scooting off on you when you find it’s place. This side also includes some drilled holes & hooks you can use to hang additional tools or towels.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 25

If you want to pack up the Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table, you pop off all of those components as shown below.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 14

Flip the table over, and a twist & pull of those knobs on the side unlocks the legs.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 15\ Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 16

You’ll stash all those parts in the box, then fold down the legs to stash everything in place. Note that the legs with the rotating wheels go down first, followed by the fixed wheels.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 18

Those fixed wheel legs then lock in place with a peg shown here…

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 19

… and now you’re ready to stow it in the garage or in the trunk of the car!

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 21

There’s a pop-out grab handle that you’ll use to haul the table around. Note that the lock knobs for the leg, the magnet strip, and the bottle opener are not removable for transport.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 22

Assembly, Installation, Setup

It’s worth a quick minute to discuss the assembly of the Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table. Everything comes in a single box, with all the parts & components well packed to avoid damage in travel.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 1

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 2

The legs come pre-assembled. You’ll just screw in the rotating wheels.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 3

I found the instructions to be kind of vague, but there aren’t a whole lot of parts to deal with. One note here: the second shelf of the cart can be installed as a rear panel if you wish. I’m unsure why you would do that, but it’s an option.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 4

All the hardware and tools you need are included with, including a screwdriver. Everything is clearly labeled on the packages so that you’re not guessing what parts you need.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 5

When you get it, you’ll find these plastic bumpers on the table; they are intended to be removed once you start setting it up.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 6

Other than that, most of your parts either slide into precut slots or hang on screws you’ll install as part of the assembly process.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 7

The condiment basket folds up for storage. You open it up and slide the tabs into the appropriate slots before sliding them into the pre-cut slots on the table to use.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 8

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 9

The kit includes a pair of hanging hooks, but it also includes these vinyl velcro straps for additional tools. They don’t quite fit into the slots per the instructions, however, so I did not find them useful. I’ll probably buy some metal rings to hang them from.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 10

The fabric pad is made to protect the work surface, as the table is designed for use with additional cooking appliances like a camping stove, a portable induction hob, or an electric grill. The kit comes with some double-sided tape for mounting, but I just lay it out on the table for my use. If you were to permanently attach it to the surface you’ll need to trim about 1 inch off of all the edges.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 11


The Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table boasts some very nice design elements that make it super-useful as a grilling accessory. I’ve been using it primarily as a prep table next to my grill, keeping my tools and accessories organized as I do my work.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 26

I love the generous workspace. Here, I have potatoes wrapped in foil on the side shelf while I am prepping my asparagus. There’s more than enough room for a cutting board and a quarter baking sheet, which I’m using for prep here, my salt container, and a nicely chilled drink.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 27

I also like the arrangement of accessories that augment my organization. A paper towel rack and that shelf/box for condiments keeps things from rolling around when they shouldn’t, which is always a concern when you’re working with limited space. The hooks and magnets keep my tools out of the way when they’re not needed, and those lower shelves provide plenty of space for any other stuff I need in my space.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 29

If there is one drawback to the table design for food prep, however, it’s the height. One of the key uses that Wasagun promotes for this table as a cart for your cooking appliances like an electric grill or an induction hob. Those devices would add extra height to the work surface. Without those, the 28″ height of the table requires me to bend over a bit, as you can see below. I’m 5’10”; I don’t think this table would be comfortable to work with for taller people.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 28

I haven’t tested it out yet, but I think this cart would also make a fantastic portable bar cart. With that bottle opener and lower shelf space, you could easily arrange mixers and bottles on the top shelf while using the lower shelves for glassware and/or a shallow ice bucket. We’re going to explore that option for some summer parties!

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 30

With respect to overall durability, I will be interested to see how it holds up to long-term use. The powder-coated surface shows some light scratching from folding, unfolding, and banging around. This doesn’t affect the stability, but it’s something to consider if you’re considering it as a camping cart. The build is sturdy but not especially thick, so I think it could be subject to bending/denting if it takes a solid hit or drop.

Regarding portability: I have found that, when trying to stash all the removable parts, the small bits don’t stash cleanly. The instructions really aren’t clear on this point, but you’re kind of stacking everything in between the folded legs of the cart without trying to bend anything. You can see the arms of the handle sticking out below. I found that all of the flat square parts (the shelves, the folded-up shelf box) can be stashed just fine, but the other accessories are best served by storing them separately.

Wasagun FoldingPortableGrillTable 20

It’s also 41 pounds in total weight. This favors the durable nature of the build, but it does make for a workout if you’re hauling it a distance for outdoor use.

What I like about Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table

  • Very versatile design
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Big workspace with extra shelves for additional stuff
  • thoughtful design for managing your tools/accessories

What needs to be improved?

  • Folding up for storage doesn’t quite accommodate all the components cleanly
  • Shorter table height is not ideal for taller people
  • Picks up scratches in the surface
  • It can be heavy to haul around

Final thoughts

The Wasagun Folding Portable Grill Table boasts some very clever design thinking that adds useful, functional working space to your outdoor cooking area(s). While I think there are a few elements that could stand for improvement, it’s been a solid and useful performer in my testing so far. We’ll see how it holds up over the course of the summer.

Price: $189.99
Where to buy: Wasagun.com and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Wasagun. Wasagun did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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