OUPES Mega 2 Power Station review – Almost perfect power

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REVIEW – Our modern society revolves around electrical power. Over the last few years, many companies have come out with portable power units. Recently, OUPES has come out with its Mega 2 Power Station, and it has all four things that I find make the perfect power station.

What is it?

The OUPES Mega 2 is a 2048Wh capacity power station with a 2500W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

What’s included?

  • OUPES Mega 2 Power Station
  • AC Charging Cable
  • Anderson to Anderson Cable
  • 7909 to Anderson Charging Cable
  • Car to Anderson Charging Cable
  • MC4 to Anderson Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • 240W Solar Panel
Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 1
The included cables meet just about every connection need

Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 2Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 4

Tech specs

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2048Wh Capacity, 2500W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (5400W Surge)
LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
Expandable Up to 10.24kWh with B2*4
15 Outputs For Multiple Devices
Smart HD LCD
Fastest Charging Speed: Fully charge in 0.6 hours
3700W Max. Input charging speed
Anderson Recharging Input
Seamless UPS Backup (2500W Max)
Smart Control & Monitor in OUPES App
3-year warranty


Design and features

I’ve reviewed about a half dozen portable power stations. I’ve seen enough to get a good idea of what features I find the most important when it comes to portable power.

The OUPES Mega 2 Power Station review offer came along and as I looked over the specs I thought “This has everything.” I was delighted to be chosen to review it.

My previous power stations were all 1500Wh and below, so the OUPES Mega 2 Power Station was targeted to be my primary power station. The other power stations are still in my inventory and do come in handy for various tasks. During a power outage, I prefer to have several power stations. My divide-and-conquer approach allows me to use one power station while the others are solar charging, or providing power in another room.

The OUPES Mega 2 Power Station has the four things I was looking for in a power station. Although your power requirements may be different, I do feel that these are probably applicable to most individuals.

First, at least 2000Wh capacity. The Mega 2 Power Station has 2048Wh capacity, capable of 2500W Pure Sine Wave output from the inverter. The 5400W surge capability ensures that the unit will not be overloaded when devices have a high start-up draw. I feel as though 2000Wh capacity is about the maximum I would want for a portable power station. This maximum isn’t directly due to the actual output, but the weight of the unit. At 45.8 lbs (22kg), the Mega 2 Power Station is about as much as I would want to move around.

Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 8
Easy-to-read display

Second, fast charging. When it comes to power stations, I consider fast charging a must. If you have to take the power station somewhere to charge, you don’t want to have to hang out there for hours on end to charge the unit. The Mega 2 Power Station features a fast charge system that can charge the unit in as little as 0.6 hours when AC and Solar inputs are used. When using just the AC input, the unit will recharge in as little as 1.3 hours.

Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 6
Input Ports and breaker

Unlike some other power stations, the OUPES Mega 2 Power Station has a built-in charging system, requiring only a power cord (no AC to DC adapter brick). Not only does this make it easier to transport, but also keeps things much tidier when charging. The AC charging input is adjustable, featuring a selection of either 800 or 1600W. When charging at 1600 watts, I was able to charge from 20% to 95% in an hour, and 100% in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Third, seamless UPS backup. Often during storms, the power may go off and on. Not only is that not good for electronics, it’s annoying to have to turn on and off a backup power station. The Mega 2 Power Station features seamless UPS Backup, which means while there is power, your devices will draw from the wall power (mains), and when the power goes out, the Mega 2 Power Station will instantly provide power from the battery.

Fourth, clearly labeled and easy-to-access ports. The Mega 2 Power Station has 15 power ports. Two PD 100W Type-C, a 12VDC/30A Anderson port, four QC 3.0 18W USB-A ports, four 120V/20A AC ports, 1 120V/30A TT-30 (RV) port, 2 5.5MM 12VDC ports, and 1 12V/10A car output port. The ports are clearly marked and nicely arranged, which makes finding them in the dark much easier.

Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 10
Easy-to-read labels and port layout

The Oupes app is available for Apple and Android devices. The app enables you to operate the Mega 2 from your mobile phone. You can view and control the power station remotely. There are settings for device name, sharing the device, unit temperatures, timeout settings, and firmware updates. There is also a real-time graph of the unit input and output levels.

Oupes was kind enough to send along their 240W Solar Panel along with the Mega 2 Power Station. The 4-part panel folds to just 26″x23″x2″ (665x590x60mm) and unfolds to 100″x23″x1.3″ (2529x590x35mm).

One of the things that I have found very limiting in other solar panels was the length of their cables, often being too short. I was extremely thrilled to find the cable for the solar panel had a length of 16 feet (4.9m), longer than any solar panel that I have reviewed so far. I avoided using other solar panels because of that limitation. The Oupes solar panel cable is long enough for me to place the panel outside and run the cable into my basement where most of my equipment is.

The solar panel has an operating voltage of 20.5V and a maximum current of 11.7A. The cable has both a 7909 DC connector and an MC4 connector. It’s winter here in the north, but on a sunny day, I was able to get over 200W from the solar panel during an almost clear sky.

Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 12
200+ watts on a semi-overcast day

The Mega 2 can accept a maximum of 2100W of Solar Panel input in a range of 12~150VDC, 15A max. This makes the total charging input of the Mega 2 3100W, and capable of charging in as little as 0.6 hours.

Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 11
I love the 16ft solar panel cables

The Mega 2 is also expandable up to 10.24kWh with up to four additional B2 units ($1024 each). The Mega 2 has a port on the left side that accepts input from the B2 battery.

Oupes Mega 2 Power Station 3
Mega 2 Battery expansion port

The LIFEPO4 batteries have a 3,500+ life cycle rating to 80% capacity. This means that after 3,500 cycles, the batteries will retain 80% of their original capacity.

What I like about the OUPES Mega 2 Power Station

  • Great Capacity
  • Quick charging
  • UPS backup & passthrough charging
  • Easy-to-access ports
  • Excellent solar panel

What needs to be improved?

  • A carry bag for the cables would be nice
  • A wireless phone charging pad would be nice

Final thoughts

When I first got the OUPES Mega 2 Power Station, I was impressed by its packaging and ease of use. After using it for a while and digging into its features, I liked it even more. It’s simple but does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does it well. The solar panel has me absolutely giddy. This unit will be my primary power unit for quite a while.

Price: $1678.00
Where to buy: Oupes (Save 5% off with code: gadgeteer (valid until April 19, 2024) and Amazon where there’s a significant discount
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Oupes. Oupes did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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