LOFREE DOT Foundation mechanical keyboard review

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REVIEW – I’m always up for trying a new keyboard and after having reviewed two other Lofree offerings, I was certainly ready to try a third. The LOFREE DOT Foundation mechanical keyboard even has the old typewriter look that I had been wanting to try so I said yes, please. It definitely has a unique look, so let’s see how well it works.

What is it?

The LOFREE DOT Foundation is a wired or wireless mechanical keyboard designed with not only an old school typewriter in mind but makeup as well. Yes. Makeup. You know, like the foundation you put on your face before getting all dolled up?

lofree dot foundation 2

What’s included?

  • The LOFREE DOT Foundation mechanical keyboard
  • 2.4 GHz wireless dongle
  • Right angled USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Cleaning brush

Tech specs

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  • 84 keys
  • 10 multimedia keys
  • Modes: wired/Bluetooth/2.4 GHz
  • Battery: Lithium 3.6V 4000mAh
  • Warm white LED backlights
  • Materials: ABS body, ABS/PC keycaps

Design and features

Let me start by saying, I’m an idiot. I didn’t realize when they said Foundation, they meant makeup. I didn’t even make the connection when I pulled out the brush for the first time.

lofree dot foundation 11

In fact, it was probably a couple of weeks after having the LOFREE DOT Foundation mechanical keyboard that it finally dawned on me. OOOooh, THAT foundation. Once I realized that the design started to make more sense to me. Take the keycaps. They’re designed to look like a bottle of foundation.

lofree dot foundation 8

They are definitely double shot with ABS and PC plastics to get the frosty bottle effect.

lofree dot foundation 9

Here’s a better shot that shows the layers better, but as you can see it’s not quite my shade.

lofree dot foundation 10

Carrying on with that theme are the switches used in the Lofree Dot Foundation. They’re using customized Gateron Baby Raccoon switches.

lofree dot foundation 4

Yes, they’re linears. Yes, I hate linears, but for linears they feel pretty good. They’re pretty light at 40gf operation, so you touch typists should be able to fly with them.

lofree dot foundation 5

The body of the LOFREE DOT Foundation mechanical keyboard is made of diffuse ABS plastic which gives off a nice glow from the warm white LED backlighting.

lofree dot foundation 3

The Dot also has several layers of foam and silicone to deaden sound and give a nice, comfy feel. That frosted top plate looks really good in my opinion and adds to the whole aesthetic.

lofree dot foundation 6

LOFREE has also given you numerous ways to connect with a USB wired, a USB 2.4Ghz dongle with a storage space in the keyboard, and Bluetooth. You also have Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS compatibility. There’s no mention of QMK, VIA, or VIAL on the Lofree website so you won’t be reassigning keys or have multiple layers, but you can change the lighting modes via key combos, so there’s that.

lofree dot foundation 7

Lofree even gave the Dot some CHONKY rubber feet so the Foundation has a good foundation. No slipping or sliding.


Now for the bad news, at least for me. I couldn’t type on the LOFREE Dot. I tried, I promise. The shape of the keys and my big fat fingers just did not play well together. I spent more time backspacing and using my mouse to get me back where my cursor should be because I fat-fingered everything. I had read that a lot of people had that same issue with keycaps shaped like this but I had to try. Functionally, the keyboard worked flawlessly. It was this loose nut behind the keyboard who just couldn’t get it together.

What I like about LOFREE DOT Foundation mechanical keyboard

  • The quality of the build is top-notch
  • Lofree went all out with the theme

What needs to be improved?

  • I don’t know that it needs to be improved just because I can’t type on it

Final thoughts

The LOFREE DOT Foundation mechanical keyboard is geared towards a certain mindset. I admit I’m not part of the demographic that it was designed for, but I know Lofree makes great keyboards. I also have some people in my life who would love it. If you like the looks and have smaller hands than mine, or maybe just a lot less clumsy than I am, this could be the quirky, unique keyboard. If this one isn’t your style, check out Lofree’s other offerings. I promise you, they’re good.

Price: $189.99
Where to buy: Lofree and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Lofree. Lofree did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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