Make your measuring spoons jealous when you replace them with these folding spoons!

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NEWS – If you never thought a measuring spoon could be cool, you might change your mind when you check out these folding measuring spoons from Polygons. They are completely flat when you’re not using them, so they take up less space in your kitchen tools drawer. Just fold them to the necessary measurements when you need to use them. The food-grade thermoplastic Polygons spoons come in 2 sizes with six different measurements in US and metric sizes: 1/4, 1/2, and 1 tsp for the small spoon and 1/2, 1, and 2 tbsp for the large spoon. Still not convinced? They also have embedded magnets so you can stick them to your fridge! Want a set? Head over to where the price is $26.99. FYI, Amazon has a similar (but more expensive set) that has even more functionality.

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7 thoughts on “Make your measuring spoons jealous when you replace them with these folding spoons!”

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  2. I backed this product on Kickstarter 7 YEARS AGO. 30k+ others did, too. To my knowledge, almost no one received them. Supposedly they’re still working on it. Seems like a good product, though.

    1. Is it the same company? (Even if it’s a different name, does it look like the same people?) Or is it someone ripping off the Kickstarter idea?

      If it’s the same company/people – I’d not want to support that. If it’s someone ripping off the idea – maybe, depends on why the Kickstarter fell through.

      1. The Kickstarter did not fall through. They are the same people. They just took all the backers money from the Kickstarter and did not ship any product to us. However, they opened their own website and you can order and receive product right now. Every once in a while they would tell the backers that the product will be coming soon, but it has now been 7 years.

    2. Elizabeth P Van Pelt

      I was a backer too. Believe it or not, if you go to their Kickstarter page you can see comments as recent 2 days ago from people who *just* received theirs. I’ll believe it when I have them in my hands, but it appears they are actually shipping some out. Only a slight delay…the original shipping date was supposed to be January 2017.

  3. Oh damn, I forgot about this. yeah been like 5-6 years at least. Maybe I will get one one day. I’ll have to check my delivery address, pretty sure I was on other side of US when I backed it.

  4. I have been waiting 7 years to receive my kickstarter product. has decided not to fill.our orders and instead are selling and delivering them on their website. I would save your money. They are scam artists and the only reviews on their page are hand picked.

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