Movemate Active Standing Board review – get ready to move!

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REVIEW – We know sitting for prolonged periods day in and day out isn’t great for us, and even some of our employers got the memo by offering standing desks.  What if there was a way to take this a step further, and add some dynamic movement to our workspace?  Movemate thinks that’s possible with their Active Standing Board, and they may be on to something with it’s unique design.  Let’s jump on!

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What is it?

The Active Standing Board by Movemate is, as the name and brand implies, a workspace accessory designed to help keep you active when you may otherwise be stationary.  Where other boards have a solid platform, the Active Standing Board uses individual wood slats.  This approach enables the board to effectively ‘twist’ and offer the user more movement options than just rocking side to side or back and forth.

Movemate is based in Canada, where each Active Standing Board is handmade with sustainable materials.

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Hardware specs

  • Footprint: 26.50in x 11.10in / 66.50cm x 28.10cm 
  • Weight: 12.00lbs / 5.50kg 
  • Height: 2.75in / 7.00cm 
  • User Foot Size Range: 6in – 12in / 15cm – 30cm 
  • User Weight Limit: 400lbs / 181kg 

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Design and features

Movemate took a different approach to the usual standing board design, opting for individual slats in lieu of a solid platform.  This allows articulation throughout the width of the board, enabling the board to twist for maximum range of motion.  On each end of the board are carved Movemate branding, and three lines to help you line up your feet symmetrically on the board.  A metal rod goes through the center of the board, and each board has a washer between each slat for even spacing and smooth movement.

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The second-to-last slat on each end of the Active Standing Board has a groove to create a surface above to comfortably grab the board for transport.

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While it won’t sit flat on it’s side, it does lean – and can easily prop up against a wall or desk leg for when not in use.

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Out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the build quality of the board, and how natural it felt to get on and use.  I will admit – after my first day of using it I definitely felt it in my hip flexors.  After a few days this was gone as I acclimated to having the board as part of my daily routine.

The board works well on either hardwood or low pile carpet, though spinning the board on carpet definitely takes a bit more effort to get moving.  I’ve found using the board barefoot or with socks provides the best range of motion.  Without shoes on, I was a little worried about the slats pinching or being uncomfortable, but this was quickly proven to be a non-issue.  You can certainly still use it with shoes and get most of the benefits of the Active Standing Board’s design.  The board can also be used effectively while seated.

Don’t take my word for it though – here’s a quick video showing how the slats conform to the foot and allow a smooth, dynamic range of motion.

What I like

  • Natural materials and quality of craftsmanship
  • Slat design is genuinely useful and unique
  • A joy to use!

What I’d change

  • Having a wider model to accommodate more foot sizes.
  • More color options?  I’m nitpicking here.

Final thoughts

The Movemate Active Standing Board is a very well built standing board, with an innovative design that makes it stand out from the rest.  The board does have a slightly higher price point than other premium boards, though it’s still in the ballpark.  The design, materials, craftsmanship and capability of this board make it absolutely worth a look – not to mention, it’s just an absolute pleasure to use.  I hope Movemate continues to innovate in this space, as they have a winner here.

Price: $350 (2023 Black Friday: Use code “MOVE” to save 15% until November 30th)
Where to buy: Movemate
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Movemate.

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