The nerdytec CYCON² XXL LED Mousepad CYPUNK edition has all the buzzwords a couch desk gamer could want!

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NEWS – A short while ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the Nerdytec Couchmaster CYCON², and it’s now the only way I’ll play mouse-and-keyboard games on the couch (I previously tried various lap desks with mixed results). It came with a small mousepad which has worked fine, but if you want to enhance the experience (and we all know more RGB lighting means more wins), then the nerdytec CYCON² XXL LED Mousepad CYPUNK edition might be a great addition to any of nerdytec’s Couchmaster products. It will cover basically the entire surface (except for the top USB ports of course) of the Couchmaster line, and will also be great on any desk. 13 different color options/modes are available, and the extra “CYPUNK” design elements make for a great desk mat. If you want to spice up your Couchmaster or less-comfortable-regular-desk, head over to nerdytec or Amazon where you can get one for $39.

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