Forget about eBikes and eScooters, it’s time for eSkates!

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NEWS – In the past few years, we’ve reviewed at least a couple dozen electric bikes and electric scooters. Both alternative “vehicles” are a fun way to get outdoors. But they can be bulky if you want or need to transport them to another location to ride them. That’s where a new type of “vehicle” has the advantage. eSkates! That’s right, electric roller skates. These lightweight rechargeable skates fit over your shoes and allow you to travel up to 15 miles on a charge at a top speed of 20MPH and up to a 20-degree slope. Does that sound like fun or terrifying to you? If you said it sounds like fun, then head over to where you can buy a pair for $499 – $569. You can even buy the optional smart remote for handheld speed control.

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