The Pathfinder+ is the ultimate multitool for adventures and EDC

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NEWS – Are you looking for a versatile and compact multitool to carry with you every day? Look no further than the Pathfinder+ pocket tool. The Pathfinder+ is an innovative gadget that can serve as a knife, pry bar, screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, nail file, and more.

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The Pathfinder+ is one of the world’s smallest yet sharpest knives featuring a locking/ retractable/ replaceable high carbon steel utility blade. The multitool is made of durable, high-quality materials. The Pathfinder+ is small and compact enough to fit in your pocket or keychain. It comes with extra blades and small pieces just in case you lose any of its small parts.

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The Pathfinder+ ranges in price from $29-$79, depending on your chosen material. You can choose brass, titanium, timascus, titanium with timascus insert, and brass with abalone insert. For more info and to order, click here.  

9 thoughts on “The Pathfinder+ is the ultimate multitool for adventures and EDC”

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  2. You might want to vet your products and vendors before posting a glowing promotional blurb. The little exacto blade multi-tool offered by is unavailable because ALL versions are “out of stock”.

          1. Not to be contrary, but the average conversion rate of views to buys is 1% to 3%. Very generously assuming ALL 28,000 of your views led to click-throughs, a 3% conversion rate would result in 840 purchases. If that’s all the stock they had, it’s unlikely this product was intended to have any long-term support, and therefore wouldn’t be nearly as useful for EDC as something with fantastic long-term support like a leatherman. I’ve no dog in this fight, but imagine the hubris of thinking one non-viral little article on your site results in a product completely selling out…

  3. I too find it highly unlikely that a product would sell out within 2 days. Either they didn’t have more than 50 pieces total in stock or all of them are sold out now except for the most expensive version of the Pathfinder Plus at 79. I don’t know about you people but I wouldn’t pay $70 for a knife unless I knew it was a Gerber or the same caliber. If somebody at this company could get back to me and tell me when the Pathfinder Plus in brass is available again I would love that.

  4. I own one of this, but I got it in a kickstarters campaign. I don’t think they are a very big scale production. It’s a Keychain utility “toy” with an xacto knife to open boxes and cutting tieraps. Is not a comparison with a knife but an addition to your edc, and if you forget that is in your pocket and go to the airport, you can discard the xacto part.

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