Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike review

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Asomtom E300 E Bike 4

REVIEW – By now most of the readers that follow my reviews know that I am fully into bike riding both for fun and for keeping active as I get older. While I have now reviewed about six e-bikes, I am yet to find one for my wife that she is truly happy with. Well, that was the case until this Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike showed up. Keep reading to see how the testing and review worked out.

What is it?

The Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike is equipped with a 750W motor that can reach up to 1000Wpeak power and 85NM of torque, It features a 48V/15AH lithium-ion battery and supports riders weighing up to 400 lbs. If pedaling with e-assist, the bike can reach speeds of 28 mph, and it has the ability to climb 35° inclines.  

What’s in the box?

Asomtom E300 E Bike 5

  • 1 x Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike with Accessories
  • 1 x Assembly Multi-Tool
  • 1 x AC Charging Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

Asomtom E300 E Bike 2

Design and features

Asomtom E300 E Bike 3

  • Powerful Peak 1000W Brushless BAFANG Motor: Equipped with a 750W motor that can reach up to 1000W+peak power and 85NM of torque, this Ebike is perfect for navigating through city blocks, light trails, and dirt roads. With a top speed of 28 mph via pedals and the ability to climb 35° hills with ease, you can conquer any road or off-road adventure while reducing stress on your knees and thighs. The high-speed brushless geared hub motors allow you to effortlessly handle even the roughest terrain.
  • Thrilling And Speedy Ride: Our electric bike features a 48V/15AH lithium-ion battery, designed with anti-theft measures to ensure safety. Unlike other battery types that hang on the frame and risk falling off, our removable battery can cover a maximum electric range of 35-45 miles in pure electric mode and 45-60 miles in pedal-assist mode (PAS mode), depending on rider weight and road conditions. Charge the waterproof battery safely and conveniently at home or in the office.
  • No Limitations for All-terrain: The perfect companion for your next adventure. Whether you’re exploring mountain trails, cruising through national parks, or navigating busy city streets, this bike is designed to handle any terrain with ease.
  • Ride effortlessly: This bike effortlessly conquers slopes with angles exceeding 30 degrees, and supports riders weighing up to 400IB, making it an ideal choice for those with a heavier build
  • Smoother Ride with Top-of-the-line Aluminum Alloy Front Suspension Fork: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with our aluminum alloy hydraulic suspension featuring lockout and adjustable controls. The 120mm travel range of the front suspension fork, along with preload adjustment and lockout, allows for easy customization to fit your riding style. With excellent damping, you’ll experience reduced bumpiness on even the roughest terrains.

The Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike is a solidly built step-thru e-bike that features fat tires, a front light and rear reflector, and a kickstand. The battery is removable and it can be recharged via the built-in port on the bike or it can be removed from the bike and charged separately. 

Asomtom E300 E Bike 4
Asomtom E300 E Bike 1


Assembling the Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike was quite easy. What was different was that, unlike the other e-bike reviews that I have done, this bike came with the tires fully inflated to the recommended PSI. The following are some snapshots from my assembly process:

Asomtom E300 E Bike 6

Asomtom E300 E Bike 7

Asomtom E300 E Bike 8

Asomtom E300 E Bike 9

Asomtom E300 E Bike 10

Asomtom E300 E Bike 11

Asomtom E300 E Bike 12

Asomtom E300 E Bike 13

Asomtom E300 E Bike 14

Asomtom E300 E Bike 15
Asomtom E300 E Bike 16


The Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike performs well in every area I think is important for a great riding experience. The handlebar is comfortable and the controls are easy to reach and use. It offers levels from no e-assist to e-assist in increments. The gears shift easily and well. The shocks work very well and well enough that on rough terrain the bumps are no issue. The display is clear even in sunlight and most critical, the seat is probably one of the most comfortable I have ever experienced. After riding for 45 minutes, there is no discomfort. Also, the brakes work well and brake evenly and effectively.

What I like

  • It is very well built. Solid!!
  • The ride is smooth and the shocks work great
  • The seat is extremely comfortable
  • It is quite fast
  • The battery charge seems to last for a long time

What I’d change

  • Can’t find any faults at the moment

Final thoughts

The Asomtom E300 step-thru all-terrain electric mountain bike is simply a well-built, sturdy all around great e-bike to own and ride. It is fast, very comfortable to ride, and most of all, it has managed to get a resounding seal of approval from my wife who is very clear about how she wants her bike to ride and feel. We give it a well done and two thumbs way up!!

Price: $1349.00 (without accessories)
Where to buy: Asomtom website and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Asomtom.

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