This Wera screwdriver pops open to reveal neatly stored bits in the handle

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wera kraftform kompakt 20 tool finder 1 01

NEWS – The Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 1 with pouch is a cool screwdriver from Wera that neatly stores six bits within the handle. With the push of a button located on the end of the handle, the screwdriver pops open to reveal the storage area for the bits.

You have access to six different-sized bits: one slotted (0.8 x 5.5 x 25), 2-Phillips (1 x 25, 2 x 25), 1-Torx (25 x 25),  and 2-Pozidriv (1 x 25, 2, x 25) bits. The bits are stored in slots (not magnetic) so if you have other standard 1/4″ screwdriver bits, you could swap them out with yours.

This screwdriver has an easy-release chuck. When you insert a bit, the chuck collar clicks (slides down) locking the bit in place. To release the bit, you slide the collar up and extract the bit.

The screwdriver is a compact size (about 4″ with a bit attached) but extends to a standard-sized screwdriver (about 8″ with the bit attached). To extend the spring-loaded extension from the handle, you pull back on the handle’s collar. The extension can also be removed from the handle by pulling back on the collar again and removing the extension. The extension is also a standard 1/4″ bit that will fit into a drill.

You can purchase the Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 1 from Amazon for $54.19. Or you could buy the Kraftform Kompakt 25 Pouch Set from Amazon for $34.99 which has different bits (3-Phillips, and 3-slotted) if you don’t have a need for Torx or Posidriv bits. However, for either model, you should be able to swap the bits provided with your own 1/4″ screwdriver bits to replace those stored in the handle of the screwdriver so you can have a set of the bits most useful to you. The Kompakt 20 and 25 screwdriver handles appear to be identical, although I don’t own these so I can’t say for certain.

*Note – the Kraftform Kompakt 25 Pouch Set contains the following six screwdriver bits: 3-Phillips (1 x 25, 2 x 25, 3 x 25) and 3-slotted bits (0.6 x 4.5 x 25, 1.0 x 5.5 x 25, 1.2 x 6.5 x 25).

It’s easier to see how this screwdriver works rather than read about it (the following video was posted by an Amazon customer):

7 thoughts on “This Wera screwdriver pops open to reveal neatly stored bits in the handle”

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    1. DStaal – That’s so cool! The bits still in the handle AND ratcheting AND handles wrench sockets?! The price make me hesitate, but that sounds like an ideal tool to have! Do you have it?

      1. I actually got this set, which comes with the driver extension and a three sockets:
        (This is the metric set – they have one with SAE sizes and a slightly different bit selection. Currently these are on sale, so they’re cheaper than the bare screwdriver…)

        It works quite well. 😉 It’s worth noting that Wera is a higher-end toolmaker, so the ratchet for instance has finer gradations and is likely to last longer. (And KC Tools is a lower-volume importer, so they may not be the cheapest either.)

        1. DStaal – Your set looks impressive and it’s really encouraging to hear that it works well. Thanks for providing some details about it. I may have to splurge to get myself one! 😁

          1. I figure if there’s one tool you use most often, it’s a good screwdriver. I got this as a replacement when I wore out one I got from iFixit.

          2. Just to let you know: if you’re interested, they just got marked down to 50% off. 😉

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