Lululook Titanium Band for Apple Watch Ultra review – Dress up your Ultra for under $40

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REVIEW – So you got yourself a new Apple Watch Ultra and you’re thinking it’s a shame there aren’t any affordable bands to dress it up with being titanium and all. Well Lululook must have guessed we’d be asking because they’ve got a titanium linked band that pairs perfectly. I’ve been running it for a little over a month now and it’s definitely worth checking out. Have a look.

What is it?

The Lululook Apple Watch Ultra Titanium watch band may have a boring name but, it’s exactly that. A linked metal made from a titanium and stainless steel that matches the Apple Watch Ultra very well.

What’s in the box?


  • Titanium watch band
  • Sizing tool w/ 3 extra heads
  • Instruction sheet

Hardware specs

  • Wrist sizing: 5.9″-8.5″ (150mm-228mm) wrist
  • Size adjustment: remove links with small bar tool
  • Material: Titanium Metal 93%, Stainless Steel 7%
  • Band dimensions: 27mm at watch connection narrowing to 20mm for the rest of the band
  • Weight: 2 ounces (59g)

Design and features

Lululooks Titanium Watch Band adds some additional titanium to the Apple Watch Ultra.


There’s a slightly debossed design line down the center of the band which helps the band have a unique look. It comes well packaged with it’s own band sizing tool and protective film wrapped around the band. At the ends are the distinctive Apple Watch lugs for connecting to the watch body.



Unlike most Apple Watch bands, this one does require a little more setup due to the fact that it needs to be sized to your wrist.

After removing the clear protective wrap, I connected one side of the band to the watch body, and with the clasp closed, wrapped it around my wrist until I could estimate how many links I needed to remove. I guessed 4 links total, so the next step was to remove 2 from each side of the clasp.

Lululook includes a tool in the box which makes this pretty painless. It looks like this and uses a rotary knob to push embedded pins through the watch band.


Lay the watch band face down separately from the watch. Use the dial on the tool to back out the pin head past the width of the band and then position the pushing pin so that it will push the link’s pin in the direction that the stamped arrow on the band shows.


Now turn the dial until the pin sticks out far enough to grasp and extract. It should look like this. Note the orientation of the pin itself for resinstallation.


Repeat this process on the other side of the number of links you need to remove, then reverse the process using the tool to push the pin in against the direction of the arrow. Then repeat all of that on the other side of the clasp.

When installing the band on your watch, you’ll want to have the clasp open and insert each band side about halfway before fully seating either to avoid binding as the band twists.


You’re now ready to try it on. If it’s still a little loose, but not enough to remove another link, there are three smaller adjustments on the one side of the clasp with a spring pin. Give those a shot if you just need to snug it up a bit.


I typically swap out my watchband every day or two depending on mood or activity. Part of reviewing a product is putting it through the paces for as much time as you can give it. Well I installed the Lululook titanium band over 30 days ago and haven’t swapped it out once. And given my usual behavior, I absolutely would have swapped it out if it wasn’t up to par or if something annoyed me. Never happened. It’s been great.


I think part of it is that it reminded me of how I felt about watches before the Apple Watch. This feels like the metal band that was on your favorite watch, except lighter. Titanium in general always seems to feel a bit warmer than other metals too which just adds to the comfort level. You can see that the color is pretty spot on. The watch interface links are touch more silver than the rest of the band and have polished sides which you’ll notice occasionally in bright lighting.

The only thing of note to call out is that occasionally, when my watch rotates to the outside edge of my wrist (like when typing), the center link right next to the watch body turns almost 90º to the watch face. The exposed edge feels more prominent than it looks and I noticed it once or twice with the fingers from my other hand when interacting with the watch. It’s not sharp per se, but not a soft rounded edge either.


You can also see that the color difference in the watch body link well in this photo.

What I like

  • Matches the Ultra well
  • Really light and sturdy
  • Included sizing tool
  • Great price

What I’d change

  • First center link next to the watch body could be rounded off more

Final thoughts

At this price, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about, and when Apple’s own silicone and woven bands cost what they do, the Lululook Titanium Band for Apple Watch Ultra is a screaming deal that can class up your watch. Enough said.

Price: $36.99
Where to buy: Lululook or Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Lululook.

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