This protective case turns your regular Apple watch into an Apple Watch Ultra without the cost!

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NEWS – Do you want an Apple Watch Ultra but can’t justify the lofty price tag? PZOZ has a case for that. Now you can add the look of the Ultra to your existing Apple Watch for a fraction of the cost. This unique case fits over your existing iWatch (version 7/8 45mm), making it look like the latest model. And judging by the pictures, it seems it does a pretty good job.

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Besides looking good, it also protects your watch from bumps and scratches. Durable hard plastic & tempered glass material cover the screen and edges of the Apple Watch. It even has a cover for the crown and the unmistakable orange button (purely decorative, of course). The case’s intelligent design allows access to all controls, buttons, sensors, and Apple watch features. And you can charge your watch directly without removing the case.

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One note, the case is not waterproof. So you must remove it before swimming or intense exercise as it may trap moisture between the product and the watch screen. But, for just $13, this faux Apple Watch Ultra case may be worth checking out. You can purchase the case from Amazon. 

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  2. Excellent product … but when I ordered 2 pieces, 1 turned out to be incomplete. The bottom button that you need every day to pay in a store was not there. Anyway, contacted PZOZ customer service and that’s where the trouble started. Despite the fact that I clearly described the complaint and added a photo that clearly showed that the product was incomplete, they did not seem to want to accept it and started to talk about the fact that the weight of the shipment was correct and therefore they could not have sent an incorrect product . The missing button probably only weighs a few milligrams and to support my complaint I sent a photo with both the complete and incomplete product. She then sent me a photo of another product and indicated that it did not have a rotary knob. I referred to my order of 2 pieces and the photo I sent that showed both products so you could clearly see one of them was incomplete and indicated they were completely off. That also did not help and I was even called a liar because I had received 2 sets. Do you still get it? I made one last attempt and then first got an offer of 3 usd. reduction on my next order. Obviously not accepted and stated that I was entitled to a replacement or the full amount of the product and ended up posting a bad review on the AliExpress site. Bad luck… the money is gone. I am now on the blacklist at PZOZ. Product is good… however customer service is bad. They are both blind and deaf to comment!

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