For $30, you can score an 8-in-1 utility flashlight that can do it all

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NEWS – It’s pretty much always a bright idea to have a flashlight on hand. Whether you’re walking the dog after dark or want to know how many magnets you’ve lost under the fridge, a good utility flashlight has your back. If you need an everyday carry flashlight that can do more than just light up a room, then check out the 8-in-1 MaxLight Mini. This super bright utility flashlight is small, but mighty, and you can pick up a pair for $29.99. 

A utility flashlight that fits on your keychain

Your phone is great for a lot of things, but the flashlight probably leaves something to be desired. On average, phone lights get up to about 40 lumens. That’s great and all, but the MaxLight at its brightest setting gets 20 times brighter. It’s like carrying a spotlight that’s smaller than a credit card. You can also switch the low, medium, and strobe modes using the button on the side. 

The MaxLight packs a lot of functionality into a very small form. Thirsty? Pop the top off an ice-cold drink using MaxLight’s bottle opener. Bicyclists can use the magnetic backing to attach a bright headlight to their rides for better night visibility, and there’s even a mounting hole for tripod attachments. 

One reviewer even found a great way to use the built-in carabiner: “This is a perfect size for clipping onto my shoulder bag, so that it is readily available for use. Much more convenient than a cell-phone light or the pen-style flashlight that is clipped inside the bag.”

Plus, the whole thing is water- and dust-proof. If you just need a stable source of light, just fold out the kickstand and enjoy a battery life that may last up to 3.5 hours on a single charge. Recharging just takes a USB-C cable, and one is included with each light. 

Light, bright, and always ready

Get a flashlight that actually makes it easy to have a light anywhere you go. Get a two-pack of the 8-in-1 MaxLight Mini Utility Flashlight while it’s on sale for just $29.99 (reg. $54). 

Prices subject to change.

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7 thoughts on “For $30, you can score an 8-in-1 utility flashlight that can do it all”

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  2. I have two of these. One magnetized to my fridge and one magnetized to my washer in my mud room. They are very nice and priced very low.

  3. You said 8-in-1. I see a bottle opener and a flashlight. Where in the article does it expand what 8 functions it can do? Fake news

      1. Rechargeable isn’t a function.

        Multip mounting methods isn’t a function.

        It’s a flashlight with a carabiner and a bottle opener. 3 functions.

  4. $3.69 each, free shipping on
    At your promoted price it’s no wonder the reseller can find dupes to sell it for them.

  5. Tough audience!
    I own these and also the cheaper versions on Amazon. Those lights don’t last nearly as long between charges as these $30 MaxLights. I bought the MaxLights and loved them so much I thought I’d save a few bucks and buy more on Amazon. You get what you pay for.
    I’ve found many more use cases than what was advertised – the thoughtful Features this tool has are its strength. Think night time bicycle light, phone camera video light, phone stand, even bolt/nut retriever (the hole fits perfectly on my telescopic inspection mirror!). I own several EDC flashlights and tools, and this is one that definitely surprised me.

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