Tail Table is an awesome table that hooks into your car’s U latch!

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NEWS – The Tail Table from Space Innovation Labs is an accessory for your next road trip adventure. It’s a floating table that has been designed to hook into the U latch in your car, SUV, or van’s trunk or rear cargo area. The Tail Table features a food-safe cutting board area and the table which has slots that can hold stemmed glasses (the deluxe package includes a set of these glasses). The table can hold up to 200 lbs of weight at the base and 25 lbs on the edge. It is available in 4 colors and is priced at $299.99 – $369.98 if you want the deluxe package that includes a storage bag, goblets, and more. Head over to spaceinnovationslabs.com to order. You also might want to check out the Carsule which turns your SUV into a camper!

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16 thoughts on “Tail Table is an awesome table that hooks into your car’s U latch!”

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  2. This company, Space Innovation failed to deliver the previous orders that was placed by many anxious customers who had been waiting for nearly two years for their orders to be fulfilled. They had also failed to give regular updates to their customers. Their last update was telling their unfulfilled customers that they are broke, in debt and cannot deliver or refund. This company should not be promoted.

    1. They also delete negative comments on social media and block users. A red flag for any one considering buying a product.

      They also continue to advertise, promoting this company may put your readers at risk of being scammed.

      I also noted that this article uses photo’s from the companies webpage. I have not found anyone who has actually seen one in the real world. Is this just part of the scam?

      1. I actually have one. Was able to receive after the company was absolved with one of the retailers that still had some models.

        Fun and cool product. A shame the business went under.

  3. You shouldn’t be promoting this product or company. A lot of people, including me, paid over $300 for the product and it was never delivered. It’s a scam!

  4. I ordered a table from them in June 2021. I constantly followed up after they missed the first several ship dates. I found out in July 2022 that I wouldn’t receive a table or a refund. I am very disappointed and unhappy, I thought I was supporting a great start-up but instead am out a lot of money.
    I’m surprised they are still being supported by with reviews such as this.

      1. I was one of the very first release of this product and actually received one. They were sold without ample testing, I believe. The means to attach to my car failed after less the a dozen uses. The table not stable enough and could easily launch a Margarita 10 feet into the air. I do believe that Covid and the cost of retooling to improve this product killed this guy financially. He tested these on unsuspecting customers rather than a test group with sufficient time frame.

  5. John Singleton

    There are many people, self included, that got taken by this company. I love the idea, would love to have one, but have not found a reputable store to buy from.

  6. Stephanie Brener

    Came here to warn others not to get taken by this company as I did. The owner is a complete scam artist. It’s a bummer because it’s a cool concept. And I feel for all of these other influencers who are trying to be supportive of an up-and-coming company, but I would forewarn you to do your research before backing a product with your name.

  7. John A Petty II

    You really should not be promoting this product from this company. I am one of hundreds of people they have scammed by taking money and not delivering product.
    In my most recent contact efforts I was offered a discount to buy an item I already paid for, offered a sob story about the company’s failure and the owner’s loss…meanwhile they continue to take orders on their website and continue their marketing in social media.
    Do not help these scammers!

  8. I would not call it a scam but I would call it a poor business plan – sounds like operators and logistics were quite challenged.

    I was able to get one after paying half the price for another model. I did not gripe nor cuss them out. Just expressed my extreme disappointment. I was navigated to one of the companies that still had some in stock. I believe there were only about 30 left.

    It really is a fun product and I use it. Fits great with my Ford Edge. Not a scammer, maybe cool inventor…some opportunity on supply chain and improved logistics.

    Sorry, everyone. Lost my initial $300 but the additional $150 was worth the Deluxe package I received three days after placing the order.

    1. Ning, Had the business owner been forthright with his early backers, I might see your point. Instead he frequently mislead and yes lied to many buyers. Then he delivered products to retailers and stuffed his original buyers.

    2. I also was scammed during the pre-order process. Noticed they were still selling online – bought one since I wanted the product. The company said it would ship that week. Then a few days later I was sent a “we don’t have any product to send to you”. It is a scam, not a bad business model. Reported fraud to my credit card company. Also this point should be updated.

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