Redkey P8 Cordless Stick Vacuum review – Maximum power in compact form!

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REVIEW – Spending more time at home due to my new(ish) hybrid work schedule has had a few interesting repercussions. One of which is how often my small apartment requires cleaning now. It seems I am constantly tidying up, washing dishes, and vacuuming. Having a powerful, compact vacuum makes at least one part of these cleanups a lot easier, and the Redkey P8 Cordless Stick Vacuum is my new go-to. This affordable vacuum works really well in the tight confines of my apartment and has enough suction and battery life to get the job done. There are a few quirky design flaws but at a retail price of $129.99, knocked down to $89.99 with an Amazon Coupon (see at the bottom of the review), the Redkey P8 vacuum is a great buy.

What is it?

The Redkey P8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a rechargeable handheld, stick vacuum. The unit is nicely designed, and efficient, and has a removable washable HEPA filter. Despite being handheld, the Redkey P8 is very powerful and has three different modes with Pascal (Pa) ratings from 7000Pa to 25000Pa. The higher the Pa rating, the more powerful the suction of the vacuum.

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The Redkey P8 vacuum arrives in a plain brown box with an illustration of the unit and the Redkey logo featured on the sides. The unit and its accessories are securely packed in plastic bags and cardboard.

RedkeyP8 REV 221026439

What’s in the box?

  • Redkey P8 cordless vacuum Main Unit
  • Floor Brush Head
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Wall Hanger with screws and anchors
  • 2-in-1 Brush Head
  • Large Capacity Battery and Display
  • 3 x Washable HEPA Filters
  • Metal Extension Tube
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual

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Hardware specs

  • Model: P8
  • Power Modes:
    • Low Mode: 7000Pa
    • Medium Mode: 13000Pa
    • High Mode: 25000Pa
  • Power Rating: 250W Li-ion
  • Battery Configuration: 2200mAh 22.2V
  • Runtime: Up to 30 min
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 500ml
  • Weight: 6lbs. (2.8kg)
  • Dimensions: 28 x 36 x 5in. (706 x 294 x 129mm)

Design and features

The Redkey P8 vacuum is well-designed with a sleek white and orange color scheme. The engine for the unit is the handheld section which also contains the display, rechargeable battery, and motor. The P8 is turned on with the pull of the orange trigger on the handle.

RedkeyP8 REV 221454014

Latches on the bottom of the Redkey P8 cordless vacuum provide access to the filtration system and dust bin.

RedkeyP8 REV 221542603

The metal and plastic filter locks into place with a twist and is easily removed for cleaning and HEPA filter replacement.

RedkeyP8 REV 221558565

The metal screen on the filter catches large particulate matter.

RedkeyP8 REV 221554902

The HEPA filter on the bottom catches finer material. This filter along with the metal screen can be washed.

RedkeyP8 REV 222055341

Two extra HEPA filters are provided with the P8.

RedkeyP8 REV 221637558

The display for the P8 is integrated with the battery.

RedkeyP8 REV 221845842

The display is a large black screen with blue LEDs used to convey information like battery level, power level, and status of the brush head attachment. To change modes you simply tap on the screen and the Redkey P8 vacuum cycles through low, medium, and maximum.

RedkeyP8 REV 222216035

The battery and display lock into place on the motor via latches on both sides.

RedkeyP8 REV 221620914

The battery and display don’t need to be removed except for cleaning the unit or for replacement.

RedkeyP8 REV 221857287

The Redkey P8 comes with several attachments that add to the versatility of the unit. The thin crevice tool is good for getting into tight spots.

RedkeyP8 REV 221653346

The crevice tool, along with the other included attachments, connects to the main unit via an internal plug and external latch.

RedkeyP8 REV 221657056

The attachments connect easily, but it’s nearly impossible to do one-handed, which can be frustrating at times.

RedkeyP8 REV 221716988

The floor brush attachment gets the most use around my apartment as it works well on both carpet and hard floors.

RedkeyP8 REV 221734978

Power from the battery extends to the floor brush spinning the brush head to aid in cleaning.

RedkeyP8 REV 222542365

Wheels on the sides of the brush head work well to keep the Redkey P8 cordless vacuum gliding over hard floors and carpets, and the rubber tread maintains a good grip.

RedkeyP8 REV 222354422

The Redkey P8 also comes with a small 2-in-1 brush attachment.

RedkeyP8 REV 221826361

When the brush head is pulled back, the attachment works like a simple vacuum nozzle, by sliding the brush forward you can use it to stir up dirt or dust and then easily vacuum it up.

RedkeyP8 REV 221814650

All of the attachments for the Redkey P8 vacuum can connect either directly to the unit or to the metal extension tube.

RedkeyP8 REV 221721872

For quick jobs or cleaning out my car, the P8 can be quite compact without the extension tube.

RedkeyP8 REV 222458576

With the extension tube in place though the P8 works much like a traditional vacuum.

RedkeyP8 REV 221710964

The Redkey P8 stick vacuum comes with a mounting bracket for hanging the unit on a wall. The vacuum hangs securely on the hook of the bracket. There are no options for mounting the attachments though.

RedkeyP8 REV 221914614

A small power supply is provided with the P8 for charging the unit.

RedkeyP8 REV 221926231

There are two charging ports, one is on the battery/display.

RedkeyP8 REV 222006869

The other charging port is on the back of the control unit and works when the battery/display is in place.

RedkeyP8 REV 222022788

Overall, the Redkey P8 has the design, look, and feel of a much more expensive stick vacuum.

RedkeyP8 REV 222411989


Before using the Redkey P8 it has to be fully charged. The lights at the top of the display indicate the battery level. Charging and snapping on the attachments are the only real setup required.

RedkeyP8 REV 222243021


Once the battery is charged and the appropriate attachments are connected, the Redkey P8 is ready to clean.

RedkeyP8 REV 222630841

The Redkey P8 is rated at 25000 Pa at the maximum setting which was really impressive. At maximum power, I could feel the P8 practically lift the rugs up off the floor as I passed over them.

RedkeyP8 REV 222617328

I also appreciate the lights mounted on the head of the floor brush attachment which are very useful in dark corners. The design of the brush head allows the unit to turn at 90° and also lay completely flat to fit under tight spaces.

The Redkey P8 worked great on both the hard floors and the few carpets I have in my 500-square-foot apartment. The battery lasted about 20 minutes for me when switching between the Redkey P8’s three power modes. At full charge, using only maximum power the battery lasted about 13 minutes.

RedkeyP8 REV 222643431

The Redkey P8 picked up an impressive amount of dust, debris, and pet hair in my apartment even though I considered it relatively clean before beginning.

RedkeyP8 REV 005436897 e1672297758832

Emptying the P8 is very easy because there is only one latch to release the dust bin lid.

RedkeyP8 REV 023219597

The bigger debris falls right out, the rest takes a little shaking to break free.

RedkeyP8 REV 023226077

With a twist, the metal filter can be released and wiped down before returning it to the dust bin.

RedkeyP8 REV 023303770

After vacuuming for 20 minutes straight the P8 does start to feel a little heavy and considerable heat vents from the sides of the control unit. This wasn’t uncomfortable but was noticeable. The overall power of the P8 at the maximum setting definitely made up for the weight and heat.

RedkeyP8 REV 023552538

What I like

  • Very powerful at the maximum setting
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to empty and has washable filters

What I’d change

  • The power level resets when the unit is turned off
  • Can’t remove accessories with one hand
  • A bit heavy for a stick vacuum

Final thoughts

The Redkey P8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Stick is a powerful, affordable alternative to more expensive and bulky full-size vacuums. The Redkey P8 might not be suitable as the only vacuum for larger homes or apartments, but for smaller apartments like mine, it’s perfect. The battery life the Redkey P8 provides is enough to do a quick run-through of a 500-square-foot apartment and still have plenty of juice to spare. And with the P8 set on maximum power, no dust bunny stands a chance. Priced very reasonably at $99.99, with an Amazon Coupon, the Redkey P8 is a really good deal if you’re in the market for a slick-looking stick vacuum.

Price: $129.99 ($89.99 with Amazon Coupon)
Where to buy: Amazon (Use coupon code: gadgeteerP8 expires 2023/2/28 11:59 PM PST)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Redkey.

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  2. Christine Hartnett

    Hi I’ve been viewing your cordless stick hoover, I’m emailing you to see if I can try your product and write a review for you once I’ve tested it. Look forward to hearing from you, many thanks.

  3. Great review, and, just happen to be in the market for a small powerful cordless, so I’m getting one of these! Love the name, too!

  4. I purchased a Redkey P8 cordless vacuum cleaner but the multifunction attachment was missing. Can anyone tell me how to get this part? I did not return item in a timely manner so Amazon will not allow return. I love my vacuum and so need the missing part. Help

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