Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath review

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REVIEW – Do you have a strong EDC game? Do you carry too many items to fit comfortably in your pockets? Is it so heavy you’re constantly having to pull your pants up?  Are you looking for an inexpensive solution to this problem?  I may have the answer for you.

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What is it?

The Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath is a leather pancake-style holster worn on your belt where you can store a multitool, pen, flashlight, keys, or anything else that fits.

What’s in the box?

  • Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath
  • Welcome card

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Hardware specs

  • Size – ‎ ‎7.9 x 6 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight – 0.16kg / .35 lbs
  • Material – leather
  • Color – Brown

Design and features

The Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath is a genuine leather, pancake-style holster for those of us who like to be prepared. It has one large pocket that can house several different models of larger multitools. Currently, I’m carrying a Gerber Center Drive but also fits my Leatherman Wave as well.  It has a nice cut-out at the bottom of that pocket so you can push the tool up for easy retrieval.

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Next, it has a large sleeve for a flashlight or any other tool you want to put there. With this being a sleeve, you can carry tools of varying length so long as it fits the sleeve’s interior diameter. It also has a center sleeve I use to carry a Fisher Space pen. Finally, there’s a spring clip to carry your keys if you’re like me and can’t find the right key organizer.

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The Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath has two large belt loops and on the rear, there’s an additional leather strap to run your belt through. The TH21 can support a fairly large, thick belt too. When I still had a concealed carry permit, I bought a couple of gun belts (not the Wyatt Earp kind) which are bigger and thicker than your normal everyday belt and the TH21 handles them fine. You don’t have to use the rear strap if you don’t want to but I find the TH21 doesn’t slide on the belt while wearing it nearly as much.

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The Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath is constructed of leather and comes in any color you want so long as it’s brown. It looks good coming out of the box and should look even better as it ages. The leather isn’t very thick, and I can’t decide if that’s a pro or a con. On one side, it makes the TH21 more supple and easier to contour around the waist. On the other, I’m not sure how well it will stand everyday wear and tear. But, for the price, you won’t have a lot invested in it if you’ve wanted to try something like this. Another thing I’m not too sure about is the stitching. The thread used is fairly thin so again, I’m not sure how it will stand the test of time. So far, so good with the review sample. One more thing I’m not quite sure about is the marks on the rear of mine.  What is that exactly?  Is it because it’s a thin layer of leather that was cut close to the service, some remnant from whatever curing or dyeing process? I don’t think it’ll have any effect on the lifespan of the TH21. I’m curious as to what caused it.

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One thing I know I don’t like is the metal clip or “keypster” as they call it. It’s not the best quality and I felt it start to bend with just a slight bit of pressure.  I’m pretty sure it will break fairly easily if it snags on something.

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The Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath is comfortable enough to wear all day and held my EDC just fine.  I didn’t use the keypster; one because I didn’t trust the clip much and two because my keys are a mess (I’m still looking for a compact way to organize them). I will say the leather will stretch to fit what you put in the sleeves quickly. I’m currently carrying an Anker Bolder flashlight which fits in the sleeve but not in a way that I can use the pocket clip to secure it. I initially carried it head down to see if it would stay put on its own.  It did for several days then the sleeve stretched too much, and the flashlight fell out. So now, it’s head up until I find a replacement that fits better.

What I like

  • Leather, I wish it were thicker but then the price would rise
  • Easy access to multitool
  • Comfortable

What I’d change

  • It needs a better clip
  • Thicker/better thread

Final thoughts

The Selework TH21 multitool belt sheath is pretty good for the price. You do get genuine leather and it is a better way to carry those EDC items that don’t carry well in a pocket. It could be better but for $20 bucks, it’s not a bad way to go.

Price: $19.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The review sample was provided by Selework

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