Wacaco Exagram timer / scale and Wacaco Exagrind hand coffee grinder review – For the portable coffee obsessed, a great pairing!

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REVIEW – Are you looking for the best hand coffee grinder? Perhaps the best coffee scale and timer? The Wacaco Exagrind and Wacaco Exagram may have you covered.  These compact, effective, and well-built pieces lead the way not only in home coffee brewing, but also in the emerging movement known as “trail coffee.” or the ability to make coffee just about anywhere. Wacaco is perhaps best known for its compact espresso makers, the Picopresso, Nanopresso, and Minipresso.  The two pieces reviewed here complement the espresso makers well in both function and aesthetic, but are also designed to stand alone. Let’s see how they do. 

What are they?

The Wacaco Exagrind is a portable hand coffee grinder with micro adjustments, quick grind, and a steel cut burr.  The Wacaco Exagram is a portable battery-powered scale and timer designed to complement any coffee setup.  

What’s in the box?

  • Wacaco Exagram scale
      • Exagram scale
      • Silicone cover
      • ManualWacaco coffee 1


  • wacaco coffee 3
  • Wacaco Exagrind hand grinder
      • Exagrind grinder
      • Manual
      • Travel bagwacaco coffee 2


  • wacaco coffee 6

Hardware specs

  • Wacaco Exagram scale
    • Dimension 124x77x24 mm,  4.9×3.0x0.9 in
    • Weight 128 g, 0.28 lb (without batteries)
    • Materials ABS, Stainless Steel, Silicon
    • Weighing Range 0.3g~2 kg, 0.006~4.4 lb
    • Scale Interval 0.3g~999.9g d=0.1g 1kg~2kg d=1g
    • Max. Count Up Time 29 minutes and 59 seconds
    • Auto. Power Off After 5 minutes
    • Display Backlight LCD. Dim light after 90 seconds.
    • Unit g/oz
    • Power Source 1.5Vx2 AAA batteries
  • Wacaco Exagrind hand grinder
    • Dimensions 143x53x67 mm, 5.6×2.1×2.6 in
    • Weight 464 g, 1.0 lb
    • Materials Stainless Steel, Aluminum, ABS, and silicone.
    • Burr Ø38mm, Stainless Steel 420
    • Clicks per turn 30
    • Adjustment per click 33 microns
    • Loading capacity 20g max
    • Warranty 2 years

Design and features

Wacaco Exagrind hand grinder:  First off, this grinder feels very substantial in your hand. High quality materials and a solid build give this grinder a very comfortable feel.  The smooth aluminum base and grind cup, gnarled texture on the bottom of the grind chamber, and black silicon above feel nice in your hand.  The diameter of the grinder is comfortable in all but the smallest hands.  

wacaco coffee 14

The handle also serves as the cap for the grind chamber.  Few grinders in this price range offer this range of adjustability, with 33 microns of adjustment per click. 

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And adjustment is easy – just turn the dial on the bottom of the grinder.  Speaking of the grinder, it’s a 38m diameter cut stainless steel burr, which grinds smoothly and uniformly, but quickly.  It’s a nice balance. 

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A travel bag is included for making coffee on the go. 

Wacaco Exagram scale:  The design of the Exagram scale matches that of the rest of the Wacaco line, but can also stand on its own. 

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The power button is on the bottom, which at first I found odd. It seems like a small problem, but I didn’t like picking the scale up to turn it on.  But then I realized that it’s designed so that you just have to push down on the top and it pushes the button from the bottom – what I thought was a design oddity turned out to be design brilliance. 

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The rest of the controls are very intuitive.  A button for the timer – single press to start and stop, press and hold to reset. And a tare button.  The one odd bit of user design is in order to change the units of the scale, you double press the timer button and not the tare button. The scale features a stainless weighing platform, and also includes a silicon cover to make clean-up a bit easier. The scale is very compact and works great for a coffee cup, but if you are using it with a larger pour over carafe or anything like that, it might be a bit small.  But keeping it compact ties in with the portable nature of the Wacaco line. 


Wacaco Exagrind hand grinder:  I like to make big cups of coffee, usually with a Hario V60 and an electric burr grinder.  I usually grind 30g of coffee and brew with 465g of water.  I was a little nervous when I realized this grinder could only handle 20g of coffee, which would mean 310g of water – kind of a small cup.  

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This makes sense when you realize Wacaco is a company largely focused on expresso, but that’s not what I’m using it for. I was surprised – after two weeks of testing, I came to really like the smaller cups.  The water boils quicker (there’s less of it), and I can grind the coffee in about 40 seconds.  When hand-grinding 30g of coffee in one of my other grinders, it seems to take forever. I actually find myself looking forward to grinding with the Wacaco.  For me, the ritual of making coffee is a big part of the experience, and I get to enjoy that more often with a smaller cup.  Plus, the coffee doesn’t get cold since I drink it faster. So the smaller grind capacity is actually good (for me, at least).  

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But how does it grind?  It grinds very well.  It excels on the smaller end of the grind spectrum – no wonder for a company focused on espresso.  But it’s capable of grinding coarsely if french press is your thing. 

wacaco coffee 15

It’s quick, easy to use, and creates a cup full of brightness and even sweetness.  There are only two downsides, and they are pretty small. First, the small grinder makes for a small target to pour beans into.  I usually end of spilling a few.  Second, the silicon sleeve on the top of the grinder can ride up when grinding.  It seems like it’s just a friction fit and not glued or otherwise secured. 

Wacaco Exagram scale and timer: Previously, I’d been using a standard kitchen scale and kitchen timer for my coffee brewing.  This was adequate, but using the Exagram made me realize what I was missing – largely, an immediate scale response. My kitchen scale always seemed to be a second or two behind as I pour water into the V60, often making me overshoot by a few grams.  The Exagram has an almost immediate response and to a tenth of a gram, which lets me brew to the exact ratio I want. The backlit display is great, especially when making coffee early in the morning in a dim kitchen.  The display is bright and easy to read, even with bleary morning eyes. 

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The silicon cover is a nice touch, but I ended up not using it.  It did not fit very snuggly and looked a little sloppy.  I just prefer the black and stainless look, and that is easy to clean with a quick swipe of a sponge. I also found myself using the Exagram not only when brewing coffee, but also when roasting coffee – where you also need a scale and timer. 

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The only downside to the Wacaco Exagram is its size.  It’s pretty tiny, which may be an advantage if you take it with you a lot, but if you are brewing into a carafe or anything larger than a mug or cup, you may find the screen in the shadow of your vessel. One other slight nitpick – it did not come with batteries. Five years ago, this would have been the norm, but it is increasingly common for devices that use batteries (2 AAA in this case) to include them in the packaging. 

What I like

  • Wacaco Exagrind hand grinder
    • Very pleasant to use
    • Bright cup with balanced sweetness
    • Feels nice in the hand, good ergonomics
    • Quick and quiet
    • Travel bag included
    • Good value – great grinder and a good price
  • Wacaco Exagram scale and timer
    • Immediate scale response
    • Bright backlit display

What I’d change

  • Wacaco Exagrind hand grinder
    • Capacity might be a little small for some users (20g)
    • Silicon sleeve can ride up while grinding
    • Can be a bit messy to load with whole beans
  • Wacaco Exagram scale and timer
    • It’s a bit small for anything larger than a cup
    • Silicon sleeve flares at the bottom and can look sloppy
    • Batteries not included

Final Thoughts

If you already use any of Wacaco’s expresso or coffee makers, the Exagram and Exagrind are great accessories that will complement in both use and look.  But they are also great products on their own, especially if you want the ability to make good coffee anywhere you can heat water.  They are well-built products and are enjoyable to use and both have become my daily drivers when making coffee.  Be sure to also check out our other coffee and coffee gear reviews.

Price:  Exagrind $119.90 (usually less on Amazon)
             Exagram $34.90
Where to buy: Exagrind  Wacaco or Amazon
                            Exagram Wacaco or Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Wacaco.

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  2. i’ve been down a lot of rabbit holes in my time
    spent a lot of money
    been persnickety about minutiae

    “trail coffee”? really?

    the most invigorating “cup” of coffee i’ve ever had was a packet of instant coffee dumped into my gob and chewed…maybe that was stealth coffee not trail coffee

    anyway when it takes too much work and time to do anything, i feel that i am on the wrong track

    i DO have a shelf of coffee paraphernalia
    it has been relegated to a dark corner of the pantry and is quite dusty

    on the trail are you really going to pack this stuff with you…more than once?

    remember the westerns where the hero had a pair of saddlebags on a saddle horse but somehow brewed his joe in a gallon boiler that materialized at each night’s camp…it had to appear out of the ether because darn horse wasn’t going to be happy lugging a giant, heavy, clanking bit of kit on his back

    that’s about how i feel about dragging along the apparatus for a unicorn cup in the morning

    this may very well be a rant
    i just had this conversation with someone who couldn’t enjoy the sunrise, the titmice and deer because the mechanics of brewing a cup of coffee truncated their perception of the trail they were on

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