Forget about reusable grocery bags, here’s a folding shopping cart!

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NEWS – I pride myself on using reusable bags when I go grocery shopping. Back in the day when we didn’t bring our own bags to the store, we ended up collecting enough plastic bags to overflow a large trashcan liner bag with them. The Shoppacart looks like it might be an even better solution – if you can get past the price.

The Shoppacart is a cart with folding wheeled legs that has been designed to fit in the back of your car. The idea is that you take the Shoppacart out of your car, roll it into the store and use it like a traditional shopping cart. The card has a 100L capacity and there are accessories that add a cup holder, bag hook, phone holder, and more. After you check out, roll it back to your car and put the whole thing in the trunk. In theory, the Shoppacart looks like a cool idea, but here’s the caveat. It’s crazy expensive at $359 for the Shoppacart with all the accessories. You can buy the Shoppacart without the extras for $289. Still too much money. But if you want one, head over to

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  2. We’ve seen “baby” strollers grow from simple slings to SUV-sized things that hold kids, a diaper bag the size of a long-distance trekker’s pack, and enough electronics to land planes at the nearest international airport. I’m not surprised that the simple “bring-your-own-bag” idea is now moving to “bring-your-own-cart”!
    While it’s expensive right now, I can see this type of thing blossoming into another trend. Similar to “roll-aboard” suitcases for air travel (which also have batteries, speakers, cup/bottle holders, and hooks for jackets and bags), we’ll have rolling desks or chests of personal items that we just cannot be without, with room to carry our purchases along the way.

  3. I have another innovative alternative: “A single-use Multi-functional grocery bag (with never-ending life cycle at home) that can replace single-use plastic bags in all aspects and beyond”
    Photo Illustrations of a multi-function gauze grocery bag replacing other items at home:–.docx?dl=1

    Publication European Union Circular Economy Platform:
    Economic Context/Global Impact:

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