TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier review – Tiny 5x magnifier for your EDC

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REVIEW – When it comes to curating an EDC gear collection, most people think of flashlights, knives, multi-tools, and a pen. But what about a magnifying glass? The TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier is designed to be a handy addition to your EDC. Let’s take a closer look – literally.

What is it?

The TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier is a small magnifying glass designed for keychain and pocket carry.

What’s in the box?

tec neo spec magnifier 1

  • TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier
  • Split ring
  • Gate clip

Also shown but as an optional purchase ($13.95)

  • Replacement 5x lens kit

Design and features

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The TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier is made of aluminum and titanium and is available in 6 colors. I was sent one in blue.

The body of the Neo-Spec is anodized aluminum, while the cover/top is titanium.

tec neo spec magnifier 3

The sides and bottom of the magnifying glass have ridges and a unique type of knurling to provide extra grip.

tec neo spec magnifier 4

The magnifying lens extends and retracts out of the body by using a slider. The mechanism has a very satisfying click because it uses magnets, giving it an almost fidget toy feel.

Let’s magnify something!

tec neo spec magnifier 6

The TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier’s magnifying lens is made of scratch-resistant N-BK7 glass and provides 5x magnification.

tec neo spec magnifier 5

The magnifying lens has a 2-inch working distance. The farther you hold the lens from the subject, the more distortion you will see.

tec neo spec magnifier 7

Here are just a few ways that you can use the TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier.

  • Reading small print in manuals, menus, prescription bottles
  • Is that a tiny tick or dirt stuck to your leg? <- true story… I used the Neo-Spec for this exact task just days ago!
  • Checking tiny details on coins or stamps for collectors
  • You can even use it to start a fire with the sun!

tec neo spec magnifier 8

See it in action

What I like

  • Build quality
  • Ability to replace the lens
  • Fidget-i-ness

What I’d change

  • It’s expensive
  • Add a built-in light

Final thoughts

The TEC Neo-Spec Pocket Magnifier is a well-made pocket magnifier. It’s expensive, but for EDC fanatics, it’s a unique addition to their EDC collection.

Price: $89.95
Where to buy: TEC
Source: The sample for this review was provided by TEC.

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    1. John, I know it is difficult to tell in the pics/video but the image does have a relatively flat field. It is really hard to photograph an image through a lens unless you are looking directly through it such as with your eye. Also keep in mind that in order to reduce/eliminate any distortion requires multiple lenses, which would make the product about 5 times thicker. That would totally defeat the purpose of the thin profile and ease of carry. You can check the images on the TEC website for accurate image photos.

  2. Getting older, I find I have trouble reading expiry dates when I’m at the grocery store. But my phone has a magnifier widget, and I’ve always got that on my anyway.

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