Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan review – keep a cool head when things get hot

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REVIEW – Heat.  We have it in spades here in central Florida.  We have had more days over 90 degrees this year than should be allowed by law.  In addition to that, we get thrown a healthy dose of humidity, driving dew points into the low 80s regularly.  What does all this mean?  It is dang hot and sticky outside.  When I mentioned to my lovely wife that the Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan came up for review, she enthusiastically informed me that I should put in for it. So here we are.  Let’s see if this can help us to keep our cool.

What is it?

The Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan is a fan designed to be worn around the neck.  There are no exposed blades to get tangled in your hair. It is designed to deliver airflow up along the sides and back of your neck, providing cooling in hot, humid conditions.

What’s in the box?

  • Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

Hardware specs

  • Product weight: 11.36 oz.
  • Dimension: 7.9(L)*2.2(W)*8.2(H) inches
  • Battery cell: Polymer li-ion battery
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh (14.8Wh/3.7V)
  • Input: 5.0V= 2.0A max
  • Fan power: 7.0W max
  • Fan wind output: 4 m/s max (super mode)
  • Fan speeds: three standard speeds plus super mode max speed
  • Modes: Side air output and side + back air output
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Working time: 19 hours max
  • Construction: matte-finished ABS plastic
  • Colors: Space gray (tested), Earth brown


Design and features

The Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan is covered in matte finish plastic and feels well-made.  I wouldn’t want to drop this onto a hard surface as I’d expect it to break, but then dropping it isn’t usually included in normal use scenarios, is it?

If you look at the photo above, you can see the fan output ports along the top of both sides as well as along the back. This delivers a cooling breeze up the sides of your head and optionally along the back of your neck.  The back output is optional and can be toggled on/off.  Do you see those vertical curved lines to the right and left of the silver pad?  Those are hinges.

Once around your neck, you can pull the sides in so that the Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan fits more closely along your neck. You can see the oval input ports on the outside of each side where the air is pulled in by the internal fan.

That circle on the back and the two ovals on the outside of the sides are the input ports where the internal fan sucks in the air to blow up and out of the output ports.  The holes along the top and the two ovals along the inside of the sides are the output ports. That’s important to know because if you fold the sides too tightly, you can hear the fan increase speed a little as your neck can block the output ports.  It’s pretty easy to adjust properly so the fan delivers air.

Here is a better look at one of the side input ports.

And a better look at the output ports on the inside of the Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan.

The metal pad along the back is made from aluminum and is designed to help dissipate heat.  You can also see the hinges a little more clearly in this photo.

Control is handled by two buttons on the bottom of the right side.

The two buttons control the power and turn on/off the back output.  The power button cycles the speed as follows:

Off–> Speed 1 –> Speed 2 –> Speed 3 –> Speed 4 –> Off

If you want to engage super mode, hold the power button for two seconds and you’ll be cooling at full power.  Press the button again and the fan turns off.

Here, you can see the USB-C charging port and status LED.  The LED flashes when charging and then lights solid when charged.  It also flashes once when you change speeds and twice when you turn on super mode.


The only thing to do is fully charge the Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan and you’re ready to start cooling.


We live in central Florida.  Lately, with the heat and humidity outside, it has felt like somewhere between molten magma and the surface of the Sun.  This provided a great opportunity to test whether the Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan would deliver the cool.

Unfortunately, the Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan isn’t practical to use when you are active.  I don’t like the feel of it around my neck when I’m golfing.  But, it does help when I hop in my golf cart between shots, especially when waiting for a painfully slow foursome in front of me.  It also works when sitting outside or working around the yard.  Taking a walk on a hot day seems like a sweet spot for a device like this.  Having a constant breeze on your face and neck can make a hot and sweaty day a little more bearable.

My wife and I both noted that at nearly 12 ounces, it does feel a little heavy, but overall it is fairly comfortable to wear. One thing that the manual makes note of is to keep the input ports clear, especially of your hair.  I guess it is possible that longer hair could get pulled into the input ports.  That isn’t an issue for me, but could be for my wife.  We didn’t experience any issues with that during testing.

As we tested, we did note that the fan is a little loud.  I fired up my trusty yet uncalibrated sound meter on my phone for some relative sound measurement. I placed my phone roughly the same distance above the output ports where our ears are when wearing the fan.

From left to right:

  • 39.7 dB – Ambient noise in my living room
  • 53.0 dB – Fan speed 1
  • 58.2 dB – Fan speed 2
  • 61.1 dB  – Fan speed 3
  • 67.3 dB – Super mode – max fan speed

As you can see, the sound rises quickly with fan speeds.  In super mode, I have a hard time hearing people talking.  So while it does cool, it comes at the cost of being able to hear clearly.

The Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan manual claims a maximum run time of 19 hours.  It wasn’t practical to test that, but I did test it on super mode.  In that mode, it ran for a solid 2.5 hours.  That surprised me as the super mode is a major speed increase, even over speed 3.  I didn’t expect it to last that long.  If we assume that each step lower could nearly double the run time, then 19 hours isn’t unreasonable to expect. It would be nice if there was a battery charge indicator so you could know whether the fan needs a charge before you headed out for a hot day.

What I like

  • Nice bladeless design
  • It does deliver a nice cooling breeze
  • The three standard speeds plus super mode offer flexibility
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Good battery life

What I’d change

  • It is a little heavy for long-term wear
  • Not practical to use when super-active, like when golfing or playing active sports like tennis or pickleball
  • It can get loud at higher operating speeds
  • A battery charge indicator would be nice

Final thoughts

My wife and I were both pleasantly surprised by the Jisulife FA35 Pro bladeless neck fan.  It did a good job producing a nice cooling breeze around our heads, taking the sting out of otherwise uncomfortable days.  It isn’t perfect for every outdoor activity, but for some things, like walks, yard work, or outdoor lounging, it can make a real comfort difference.  This may find a home in one of our golf carts.

Price: $49.99
Where to buy: Jisulife; Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Jisulife.

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