This EDC pen is super stabby!

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tekto tak pen 3

NEWS – There’s an old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, the Tak Pen from Tekto actually is a sword… or a dagger… of sorts. The Tak Pen is an aluminum-bodied ballpoint pen on one end and an OTF (out the front) slide-out double-edged blade on the opposite end. And before you say anything else, it should be glaringly obvious that this pen is not TSA-approved, so don’t even ask or complain about it ok? The Tekto Tak Pen can be used for mundane tasks like opening envelopes, and boxes, or in a pinch, having a sword fight with a fairy. Want one? Then take $84.99 to and place your order. You can also check out our numerous Tekto knife reviews.

tekto tak pen 1

tekto tak pen 2

1 thought on “This EDC pen is super stabby!”

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  2. i personally never understood the charm of tactical pens but they do have a following

    however since you have contacts in the edc world, have someone make a titanium replacement tube for a bic/biro pen and become the darling of covert weapon carriers everywhere

    i’ve made them from stainless steel tubing…even one with a whistle…but titanium would be ever so much more trendy

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