Kwumsy K1 mechanical keyboard with 12.6″ touchscreen review

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Kwumsy Keyboard 6REVIEW – A few months ago, Julie reviewed the Kwumsy K2 mechanical keyboard with a built-in touchscreen and I was very excited and jealous at the same time. It seemed like a device that would touch all of my nerdy nerves in a good way. Imagine my excitement and joy when I got the opportunity to review this Kwumsy KI 98 key USB Mechanical/Scissor Switch Keyboard with a 12.6″ Touchscreen.

What is it?

The Kwumsy K1 98 key USB Mechanical/Scissor Switch Keyboard with 12.6″ Touchscreen features an integrated keystroke and touchscreen user experience that also supports multi-screen display work. The 12.6-inch touchscreen will help you to cut your dependence on the mouse and improve efficiency by up to 150%. The built-in 12.6-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 1920×515P, a frequency of 60Hz, and almost zero delays when it comes to touch feedback. It is plug-and-play and can be used for working, watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. It is compatible with various devices including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

What’s in the box

Kwumsy Keyboard 31 x Kwumsy USB Mechanical/Scissor Switch Keyboard with 12.6″ Touchscreen
1 x USB-C to HDMI + 2 x USB-A Cable
1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable
I x User Manual
1 x Storage Bag

Design and features

Kwumsy Keyboard 9
Device: Desktops/laptops/tablets with full-function type-c port/few android phones(like huawei P,huawei mate)/few mac/few macbook
Operating System: Windows OS ( Noted: Some Mac OS and Android OS can use the keyboard but can’t extend the FULL keyboard screen)


Keys: 98 keys
Keyboard Size: 325mm x 127mm
Screen size: 12.6 inches (325mm x 103mm)
Size (Screen + Keyboard): 357mm x 232mmx 28mm
Weight: 2.30 kgs
COMPATIBILITY: Desktops/laptops/tablets with full-function type-c port/few android phones (like Huawei Huawei-mate)/few mac/few MacBook
Operating System:
Windows OS (Noted: Some Mac OS and Android OS can use the keyboard but cannot extend the FULL keyboard screen)
Screen scale: 3:1
Color gamut range: 45%
Screen Resolution: 1920x515P@60HZ
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Panel type: IPS display
Parameters: Brightness, color, DCR, 30+ setting options
RGB backlight: 15 Styles
Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS +PC
Interface: 1xType-C + 2xUSB-A
Transmission rate: USB2.0 X 2 SPEED | 2-480 MBP/S
Contrast: 1200:1
Warranty: One-year

The Kwumsy K1 mechanical keyboard is made of plastic and has a touchscreen on the top half and a 98-key keyboard below it. On the top left there are buttons for power on/off and for adjusting the backlight. There are popup feet on the back for changing the angle of the keyboard. On the back edge, there are 2 USB-A ports and one USB-C port.
Kwumsy Keyboard 1
Kwumsy Keyboard 4
Kwumsy Keyboard 5
Kwumsy Keyboard 2


The Kwumsy K1 mechanical keyboard is plug-and-play. I simply plug in the combo cable and it is ready to go. I was only able to test with Windows OS. For my laptop, in order for the touchscreen to work both USB-A cables must be connected along with the HDMI cable. The USB-C end plugs into the keyboard. However, depending on the capability and port availability of your laptop/phone, you have the following connectivity options:
Option 1:
If your device can provide 5V/1A power via the USB Type-C port, then all you need is to connect the Kwumsy keyboard to your device’s USB Type-C port via the USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable.
Option 2:
If your device has an HDMI port and 2 USB-A ports(One of the USB-A can provide 5V/1A): A USB Type-C to HDMI+2USB Type-A cable is included in the package. You need to connect the Kwumsy keyboard USB Type-C port to the HDMI port of your device. The black head USB-A port and the red USB-A connector need to be connected to your device’s USB-A ports. The red USB-A connector needs a 5V/1A output from the device.
Option 3:
If your device cannot provide 5V/1A power through the USB-A port, or the monitor has no signal/unstable signal after connection. You must use a 5V/1A external power supply (an adapter) to connect to the Kwumsy keyboard’s USB TYPE-C port. An external power supply is not included with the keyboard.
Option 4:
If your phone has a USB Type-C full-featured port, then you only need to connect the Kwumsy keyboard to the phone’s USB Type-C port via a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable.
Kwumsy Keyboard 7
Kwumsy Keyboard 8
The following photo shows the cables connected and the Kwumsy K1 mechanical keyboard is up and running.
Kwumsy Keyboard 6
Here is a video showing some of its functionality:

Overall, I really like the Kwumsy K1 mechanical keyboard. It is a great addition to any computer whether it is a laptop or desktop. I like that I can have it on the side and have a movie playing while I am doing something else on my main screen. I also like the idea of using it with a mini PC and having it be the main monitor and keyboard. I have not tried that as yet but I plan to very soon. The full-size keyboard keeps good functionality and the plug-and-play capability is great. I will have to get a laptop stand for it so that I can adjust the screen to be at a better eye level. Cool device.

What I like

  • The sleep design
  • The build quality
  • The built-in screen and its resolution
  • The plug-and-play compatibility
  • The ease of use and functionality
  • The innovative design concept
  • The touchscreen capability

What I’d change

  • For the price, it would be nice if a laptop stand is included since I find it hard to view at the angle it sits at even with the legs extended. Maybe this is just a “me” issue.

Final thoughts

I really like the Kwumsy K1 touchscreen/keyboard combination. I think that it is a fresh and innovative design and it really works well for my use with my Windows laptop within my Podcast workflow. It also works well for other scenarios like multitasking with multiple screens or as a side screen for watching videos, etc. I am really looking forward to trying it with a mini PC. I give it a well done.

Price: $389.00
Where to buy: Kwumsy website
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Kwumsy.

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