Breaking old news – Paper filters lower the cholesterol raising compounds in coffee

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NEWS – We love our coffee around here. When a brewing gadget comes up for review I’m certain multiple reviewers lobby to be tapped to review the device. Some coffee lovers aren’t aware, and some may not care, that coffee can raise cholesterol. But one solution is as simple as a paper filter. Paper filters retain compounds in coffee that have a cholesterol-raising effect. This benefit should apply to any brewing method where coffee passes through a paper filter before it is consumed.

Commercial Keurig pods use paper filtering as that is part of the pod construction (I’ve peeked inside a few). In my kitchen, we use ‘fill your own’ Keurig paper filters that insert into a plastic pod that fits our Keurig brewer. This is paper filtering for sure.

Pour-overs and drip brewers using paper filters should confer this benefit, and even French press brewing first, then pouring the coffee through a paper filter should logically be beneficial.

Here are some ‘medical grade’ source articles in ‘PubMed’ / National Library of Medicine that give greater detail.

And some consumer-grade info from the NY Times:

It’s possible to find articles that claim paper-filtered coffee raises cholesterol. In two such articles I read, there was no mention that diet was controlled in the test subjects. So, how can coffee take the blame? I’m doubtful it’s the fault of paper filtering but may relate to the daily dose of coffee that causes cholesterol increase if in fact, coffee is to blame.

Do your own research, make your own decisions and enjoy your coffee any way you want it!  For me, paper first, sip next.

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