Blurams Wire-Free 2K Security Camera Kit review

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Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 3

REVIEW – As I continue my quest to install security cameras around my home, a big part of the project is to ensure that there are no blind spots. Now, keep in mind that I live in one of the safest neighborhoods in my country, at least according to statistics. So, my obsession with cameras is purely from my techie nerdy side. As I continue on my nerdy quest, let’s check out the Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera.

What is it?

The Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera features a Wi-Fi connection design with a 5200mAh large battery, and a standby time that lasts about 3 to 5 months. It provides a 2K 3MP ultra-HD high-resolution video and comes with lifetime free 24-hour cloud event recording. The optional Blurams cloud service extends the video recording history up to 15 days or 60 days. In this way, the motion/sound-triggered video clips will be stored longer. (*SD card is not supported ) Works with Google Assistant and Alexa.

What’s in the box

Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 41 x Blurams 2K Wire-Free Camera with Mount
1 x Solar Panel with Mount
2 x Hardware mounting Packs
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Design and features


  • Indoor/Outdoor Versatility & Battery Powered
  • 2K Resolution & Color Night Vision
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • Smart Human & PIR Detection
  • Siren & Flashing Alarm

Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 1
The body of the Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera and the solar panel are made primarily of plastic. The following photos show the design and parts:
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 5
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 6
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 12
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 7
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 8
Photos of the Solar panel
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 11
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 9


As with any wireless camera, the first task is to charge it. The Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera has a LED that is red when charging and green when fully charged.
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 13
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 14
Once the Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera was fully charged, I moved on to adding the mounts to both the camera and the solar panel.
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 10
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 15
After that, I mounted the camera. In my case, to a tree.
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 16
Here are some screenshots from the app:

Here are some of the things you can do with the app:

  • Tap to wake up cam: In order to save battery power, the camera will only record motion/human-triggered videos. However, you can manually activate the camera to see live streaming and record it as a video clip. The video recording duration can be chosen from 30 seconds, 1min, 5mins, or continuously.
  • Flexible detecting distance: Adjust detecting distance from 1m, 2m, or 3m in Blurams App. The camera may frequently alert you if you set a “far away” range. Otherwise, a smaller detecting range will reduce push notifications.
  • Rich notification: Human shape-triggered notifications will come with a picture. Users don’t have to unlock the phone to see who’s there.
  • Activity zone: Customize a specific zone where the camera will push notifications to you when detecting motions/humans. Reduce receiving unnecessary alerts.
  • Siren and flashing alarm: Not only can you intimidate suspicious intruders with bright LED lights, but you can also scare them with a loud and noticeable siren alarm.

Here is the quality of the footage:
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 25
Blurams 2K WiFi Camera 26
Overall, I really like the Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera and solar panel combination. Setup was quick and easy and the app includes enough without being bloated with unnecessary stuff. the camera is responsive and the image quality is great. So far I am not getting any false alerts.

What I like

  • The compact size
  • The included solar panel
  • The image quality it produces
  • The ease of setup

What I’d change

  • It works for me as is.

Final thoughts

I really like the Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera, the features that it offers and the image quality it produces. I will eventually move it into a permanent position once the tree it is screwed into is cut down (The tree is old and poses a risk to my house if there is a severe storm). The fact that the solar panel is included is excellent and the connectivity and setup are easy and quick. I give the Blurams Wire-Free 2K security camera a well done and two thumbs up!!

Price: $89
Where to buy: Blurams website and Amazon (doesn’t include the solar panel)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Blurams.

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