Here are 5 unusual multi-tools to consider for your EDC collection

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NEWS – I enjoy discovering EDC gear that doesn’t fit the traditional definition of a multi-tool or survival tool. During one of my recent quests for new gear, I found 5 tools worthy enough to share with all of you. Let’s take a look.

1. Haxtec Hair Clip Multi-tool

haxtec multi tool 2

This stainless steel hair clip hides a screwdriver, wrench, ruler, trolley coin, and cutter in your hair. Great for women or a guy with a man bun! Three of these mini EDC tools come in a metal gift tin. I had to look up what a trolley coin was. Apparently, you can use it in place of a coin for shopping carts that require you to use a quarter (like at Aldi).

If you’d like a 3pk of Haxtec Hair Clip Multi-tools, head over to Amazon where it’s only $8.99.

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2. Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays

titan collar stay 4

If you’re a sharp-dressed man who can’t use the hair clip multi-tool but you want a tool that you can hide. That’s where Exuvius Titan multi-tool collar stays are interesting. You will receive a set of 4 collar stays featuring a half-Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, a thread cutter, and a bottle opener. The tools are made of titanium and are TSA-friendly. Check them out on Amazon, where they are $30.00

3. Klecker Knives Carrier iPhone tool case

kleckerknives iphone 2

I think this one is really cool idea but it looks like it’s only available for old iPhones such as the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 7. What is it? It’s a special case for your from Klecker Knives which has slots for 4 removable tools. Buy the case and then buy just the tools that you want to carry with you. Some options are a tiny folding knife, tweezers, screwdrivers, hex wrenches, and more. The case is less than $20 on Amazon and the price of the individual tools which are also available through Amazon vary.

4. TRING 6-in-1 multi-tool

tring 1

If you were bummed that the Klecker case (above) isn’t available for your version of the iPhone, then check out this multi-tool because it’s a universal multi-tool for phones. The TRING 6-in-1 tool attaches to the back of your phone or phone case with a magnet. The tool is made of steel and features a folding ring that can be used as a kickstand or as a one-handed grip like a popsocket. But it also offers a bottle and box opener, cutter, wrench, and screwdriver. Grab one for only $15.99 on Amazon.

tring 3

tring 2

5. APOLLO TOOLS Original Mr. 7-Hands

apollo 4

Yes, the APOLLO TOOLS Original Mr. 7-Hands is an unusual name for a product, but this multi-tool is the least unusual multi-tool on this list. Mr. 7-Hands is a flashlight that features folding tools around the handle that include: Slotted 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, mini slotted, Phillips #2, #1, #0, and a mini Phillips screwdriver. Fold out the tool when you need to use it and fold it back when you’re done. This one would be a great light duty tool to keep in a drawer for those little fix-it jobs that come up from time to time. Want one? Then head over to Amazon where it’s only $18.99.

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  2. I had something like the last one and it was rubbish. The metal part of the screwdrivers was not continuous from one end to the other. Where you see plastic, it was just plastic, obviously breaking at the first effort. Unfortunately, this is the same. Read reviews on Amazon. I’d like you not to promote things you didn’t have in hand. Or at least read the opinions of those who had them. In the pictures any shit looks good.

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