The Dygma Defy is another fully split keyboard option

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – This has been an exciting year for ergonomic keyboards!  I am a big fan of fully split ergonomic keyboards as I find they help keep me in the proper posture, which in turn keeps my neck and shoulders happy during long days at the computer.  Dygma has just launched a new keyboard in their lineup called the Defy.  The Dygma Defy builds on the success of the Dygma Raise, and has deep roots in gaming which is immediately obvious from the aesthetic.  Front and center on the Dygma Defy is a fully programmable columnar layout similar to the ergodox format, and a unique eight-key thumb cluster.  The Defy can also be configured wireless, with a tenting kit, or extra RGB’s as add-ons.

The Dygma Defy is available on Kickstarter starting at $300 USD.

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