This gadget will make campfire cooking much easier!

xergur tripod 4

NEWS – The Xergur Camping Tripod Board is a stainless steel plate that is designed to make primitive campfire cooking easier. The plate has four holes in it. Three of the holes are for branches to create a cooking tripod and the center hole is for the included chain that has a hook to hang a cooking pot over the fire.  Everything is stored in a handy pouch so that it’s ready for your next camping adventure. The Xergur Camping Tripod Board is $16.19 on Amazon.

xergur tripod 2

xergur tripod 1

xergur tripod 3

3 thoughts on “This gadget will make campfire cooking much easier!”

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  2. the first time i saw this online i said…how cute

    it still is

    however i remembered making tripods from sticks and string to hold my billy (soup can and baling wire) in cub scouts (free)
    got to play with a knife, a hatchet and fire…oh my!

    later in life i ran into old guys using rebar tripods to hold their dutch ovens over their coals

    anyway the hanging chain won’t burn or melt dumping dinner into the fire (natural fiber cordage is less likely to melt)

      1. if you build the fire right the heat is on the bottom of the pot…the truth is most folks lay a much larger fire than they actually need

        pot hooks made from coat hangers worked as well

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