The MoErgo Glove80 is a unique keyboard that fits your hands like a glove

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NEWS – Over the course of the pandemic, perfecting my home office space has become a hobby in and of itself.  Ergonomics are top of mind as working from home has me typing away at my desk for longer than ever, and for the last year, I’ve had my eye out for a new mechanical keyboard.  The MoErgo Glove80 is a unique design that combines some of the best features of the popular ergodox and dactyl formats, with a few unique twists.  Also notable is that this will be a fully assembled, production run product – typically keyboards like this require a bit of DIY and 3D printing.  The Kickstarter campaign closed in February (funded in 28 hours), and MoErgo has a limited number of additional keyboards for pre-order available now on their website.  

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3 thoughts on “The MoErgo Glove80 is a unique keyboard that fits your hands like a glove”

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  2. Mark L. Ferguson

    It looks interesting…but it costs roughly $345.00 plus any additional import charges. I can’t get onboard with paying that much for a keyboard!

  3. That’s a fair point Mark! It’s about on par with similar ergo keyboards in this form factor, and definitely an investment.

  4. Mike the Beginner

    The high cost basically means you can’t try out too many options for yourself. Quite frustrating.

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