The HOTO Flashlight Lite pairs 1000 zoomable lumens with a modern design

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NEWS – Here at The Gadgeteer, we are definitely fans of all types of flashlights. The HOTO Flashlight Lite’s cool industrial design caught my eye and then the equally cool features and affordable price made me stick around to read the details and now share them with all of you. First of all, this flashlight puts out 1000 lumens which are sure to light up any dark area indoors or out. There are 5 brightness modes and you can zoom the light beam to various widths. There’s also an SOS button for…well…flashing an SOS signal and if that’s not enough to be impressed, it’s USB rechargeable. OH, and it’s only $49.99! Want one? Then get yourself over to post-haste!

15 thoughts on “The HOTO Flashlight Lite pairs 1000 zoomable lumens with a modern design”

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  2. I feel like this is subpar in the realm of flashlights today. For $50 I can get a 4000 lumen flashlight with way more features and programmability. For $25 I can get a 1300 lumen flashlight with 90 CRI, 6 modes, usb c recharging, magnetic tail, and over 270 hours runtime on low setting. Both of which come in a smaller package.

      1. They are the Emisar D4V2, Lumintop FWAA, and Wurkkos FC11. The 2nd light I mentioned specifically is the FC11. I hope this helps! It was a really well written review.

  3. Eh. This isn’t anything to be wowed by. $50 can get you a significantly better light with more features (3000+ lumens, better user interface, bigger battery, to name a few) and better build quality, while being smaller than this.

    This thing seems huge for its relatively small battery and output, and the zooming just adds another point of failure and compromises waterproofing.

    I’m sure it has its place somewhere, though.

    1. My comment was referring to the Emisar D4V2, but there are plenty of other great lights like the Wurkkos FC11 in 4000k and the Skilhunt M200.
      Great review, though!

  4. Some comments are referring to cheaper, better lights but the people posting the comments are not naming the lights, definitely to be discounted…

  5. Thanks!! my favourites are Fenix lights, they have great variety for different uses…. Will try some of the aforementioned ones too…

  6. So, the whole thing is beautiful. But I am done with these things that have loose parts as this translucent cover. If this cover can be plugged in the back (no pun intended) it would be much better.

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