Get your inner spy on with Covert Coin

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NEWS – Do you fancy yourself to be an intelligence agent?  Got a need to smuggle data without being detected?  Check out Covert Coin!

Covert Coin is made from a real US quarter.  It has been split into two halves and hollowed out.

covertcoin coin 2

This creates space for an SD card.

covertcoin coin 1

The coin can only be opened with the included ring tool. I suppose with enough work, you could figure out a way to pry the pieces apart, but they make it difficult.  The closed quarter is essentially indistinguishable from an unmodified quarter, so be sure to keep your quarters straight when you’re at the laundromat.

If you’ve got a need to covertly move data around, pop on over to Amazon and pick one up for $23.29.

6 thoughts on “Get your inner spy on with Covert Coin”

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  2. The Amazon link leads to one for $29 which will NOT fit a micro-SD card, unless you further mill out the insides, according to user comments and the corrected description.

    1. Jeff:
      Yeah, I missed that. The title on the Amazon product page says:
      “US Mint Quarter – Micro SD Card Covert Coin – Secret Compartment US Quarter”

      But you are correct, in the description, it says:
      “Quarter ONLY – Will NOT Fit Micro SD card”

      So the product page is a little misleading. In the questions, someone states that it isn’t the size, but the thickness of a micro-SD that won’t allow the coin to close.

      Here’s a link to a nickel:

      and a half-dollar:

      and a dollar:

      and a Euro 50 cent coin:

      All those should do the trick.

      1. “Sir I find it rather suspicious that you have ONE coin from each country in your pocket, and why do you have so many ugly rings?”

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