Equip Single Point Hammock Stand Review

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Equip Hammock Stand 6

REVIEW – Perhaps the biggest problem facing people who use hammocks is finding the perfect set of two trees to hang your hammock. The Equip Single Point Hammock Stand claims to solve that problem. Well, I couldn’t just take their word for it, so I had to try it out!

What is it?

The Equip Single Point Hammock Stand provides a means to use your hammock with only one tree.

What’s in the box?

  • Equip Single Point Hammock Stand
  • Storage/Carry Bag
  • Tree anchor strap
  • Ground anchor stakes

Equip Hammock Stand 1 Equip Hammock Stand 2

Hardware specs

  • Weight capacity 400 lb
  • Product weight: 24.5 lb
  •  100% powder coated steel
  • Open size: 131.38 in. L x 48 in. W x 62.75 in. H
Equip Hammock Stand 3
Everything fits in a convenient bag that is large enough to also fit your hammock.

Design and features

It seems like most of the time that I try to use my hammock, I have one of three issues. Either I end up in the sun when I don’t want to be, I end up being in the shade when I want to be in the sun, or I don’t have a second tree where I want to be.

The Equip Single Point Hammock Stand provides a way to use your hammock using only one tree or mounting point (post). The first benefit of this is that it frees you up from having to have a second tree. This alone would be enough for me, but there’s a double benefit. The second benefit is that when you only need one tree, you can place the stand in any direction off of that tree.

Equip Hammock Stand 5
Easy to assemble on any tree or pole large or small.

Having the choice of direction is such a pleasure. Here in Michigan, I’m often setting up with a lake view, but finding the perfect set of trees for that was always tricky. The Equip Single Point Hammock Stand solves that problem.

The assembly of the Equip Single Point Hammock Stand is simple. There are included instructions sewn into the carry bag, but you’ll only need them one time (if any). The assembly is pretty much common sense, and it can really only go together one way.

Equip Hammock Stand 4
Easy to follow instructions sewn into the bag.

The study steel pieces fit together nicely and have just enough play between them not to have issues if you get dirt on one of the ends. There is an attachment point at the elbow for your hammock rope or strap.

You pretty much assemble it, attach it to the tree, then hang your hammock as you usually would. It seems like an integrated mounting point at the tree side could be helpful for some hammocks, but that would also require a more elaborate strap for connecting to the tree. Maybe it’s something they researched but ruled out for some reason.

Equip Hammock Stand 8 Equip Hammock Stand 9

It simply works as it should and really opens up the places that I can now take my hammock. It was easy to assemble, and the 100% powder-coated steel seems durable enough to last a lifetime. The 400 lb weight capacity probably covers most hammock limits.

Equip Hammock Stand 10
In this case, the hammock stand was connected to a tree that was only 6″ in diameter.

What I like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Place almost anywhere

What I’d change

  • An integrated mounting point at the tree side could be helpful for some hammocks.

Final thoughts

The Equip Single Point Hammock Stand solves a problem and does it simply and effectively. It does take a little space to transport, and at 24.5lbs, it is a little too heavy to take along hiking. Once you only have to find one mounting place for your hammock, your options really open up! Other than that, two thumbs up for this one!

Price: $150.00
Where to buy: Equip Outdoors
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Equip Outdoors.

3 thoughts on “Equip Single Point Hammock Stand Review”

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  2. Michael David Chastain

    This seems bulkier, more expensive, and less convenient than my hammock stand that doesn’t require a tree.

    1. Tensa4 or TATO?

      Yeah I’m thinking the same… Once you are carrying that much weight and bulk why do you want to have ANY tree as a requirement?

      But once you get someone to send you a free product to write a review it better be favorable eh? No bias at all here…

      So many hammock gear reviews that are OBVIOUSLY sponsored out there on blogs… Always recommending stuff no one in the actual REAL hammocking communities would recommend… Getting tired of it. Almost want to start my own.

  3. Agree with Chris above — this was reviewed by someone who does not use hammocks as they are meant to be hung. That is definitely NOT a 30 degree hangle!

    Plenty of other options for one-tree hanging that are much lighter, more versatile, and (frankly) more elegant.

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