Light it up or light it down with the DISSIM Inverted Lighter

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NEWS – The DISSIM Inverted Lighter is an unusual-looking refillable butane lighter that features a patent-pending circle grip and an angled flame port that makes it easier to use the candle flame lighter right side up and upside down without fear of burning your fingers. The DISSIM Inverted Lighter has an adjustable flame and a fuel window so that you won’t be surprised when it’s time to refill it. You can buy one for $56.95 from Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Light it up or light it down with the DISSIM Inverted Lighter”

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  2. Does it use a nice, old dependable flint (that will require periodic replacement) or some sort of piezoelectric spark?

    Because every lighter I have ever had (dozens?) that used a piezoelectric sparking system eventually failed and had to thrown away, and replaced.

    I found a nice old refillable, angled lighter of mine that uses a flint, and I have been using that one again for several years. ^L^

    1. Hi Thomas, the lighter uses a Piezo Electric spark but the one we use has gone through endurance testing to offer sufficient power over 250,000 Lights. And we do have a lifetime warranty and offer a replacement internal component with an easy video on how to switch.

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