The SHARPAL multi-tool will become your new BFF

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NEWS – A pocket knife is an important part of your EDC. Whether that knife is a stand-alone knife or part of your favorite multi-tool, you will obviously need to keep the blade sharp for both safety and efficiency. The SHARPAL is a pocket-sized tool that will keep all your sharp things sharp. It features two V-notch sharpeners. One is made of coarse carbide to quickly set a new edge and the other V-notch has fine ceramic for honing a smooth finished edge. This tool also has a tapered medium 400 grit diamond rod for sharpening serrations & gut hooks and there’s a diamond rod with a groove for sharpening fishhooks. The SHARPAL isn’t just a blade sharpener, it’s also a multi-tool with a built-in Ferro rod to help you start a fire and a high-pitched emergency whistle. Grab the SHARPAL on Amazon for $9.99 where it has a lot of great reviews.

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