For those times when standing is sooooooo hard

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NEWS – Remember when you wished you had a wearable chair? Yeah, me neither, but if you have $600 burning a hole in your wallet, your non-dream can come true with the Astride Bionix wearable chair. Strap this weird contraption to your butt and the next time you need to sit down, you won’t have to search for a chair. A seat and two legs slide down to provide a stable posture promoting seating surface. You’ll just have to get used to the fact that you’ll look like a dork walking around with this thing attached to your derriere. And by the way, how the heck do you walk around with this thing? Still want one? Head over to

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10 thoughts on “For those times when standing is sooooooo hard”

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  2. If you look at their order page, in addition to offering the device in several colors for that whopping price, they also offer a $59 set of replacement “Non-slip rubble feet”. I guess there must be a demand from people who sit in “rubble”. 🙂

  3. Honestly, on a long day-hike (especially one up-down a good sized hill) I could see this being really nice, assuming it doesn’t interfere with your walking. (And I don’t think it would, really.)

    Not something I’d wear around town however.

      1. True, it’s completely overpriced. At $100 it might be worth it.

        The tripod stool takes a lot more time and effort carry and to set up. For a day-hike the stool basically means you need a good sized pack, where with this you can get away with one person having a small pack with sandwiches and everyone with a water bottle.

  4. Still not a bargain but, the default on the website is Singapore Dollars…. when you change it to US Dollars (in the lower left of the page), the price is actually $450.

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