Build your perfect gear bag with Brightline modular bags

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NEWS – While surfing for cool stuff to share with all of you, I stumbled upon Brightline Bags, and wow. Where have these bags been all my life? I’ve often fantasied (yes, I’m a bag geek, so don’t make fun of me) about making my own gear bag with the perfect layout and number of compartments. I even have some sketches of my ideas in a notebook somewhere. But after taking a look at what Brightline’s Flex System has to offer, I am drooling. I’m hoping they will see this post and offer to let me review them 🙂

You can buy pre-configured bags that have been configured as a camera bag, tech/business bag, drone photography bag, etc., or you can build your own bag by buying a variety of components that zip together to create the perfect bag from thin to super chunky, it’s up to you. Prices range from $120 up to $389 for pre-configured bags or $15 and up for the zip-on modules. Check out the whole system at

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8 thoughts on “Build your perfect gear bag with Brightline modular bags”

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  2. Love the idea, and the overall function. Hate the logo and the bright colored fobs. I’m sure the fobs are for organization, or perceived organization, but for business I think black or stainless fobs show better.

    Doesn’t mean I won’t be looking at these for my next bag (yes, I have a bag problem….)

  3. I’ve used my BrightLine set of bags for almost 4 years and still remain amazed at their flexibility, durability, and utility. I can’t recommend them enough.

  4. The Bag nerd in me wants to go bankrupt buying these, but the responsible me says no. I’m sooooooo conflicted.

  5. I have the B2, B4 and the backpack attachment, they’re indeed great for compartmentalizing stuff and the color coding helps a lot too. They are designed with the pilot in mind and well, being one, I appreciate the overall modularity(having the bag grow and shrink with the requirements of the day) and organized approach.

    If you ever get one and are thinking of buying the backpack part, I suggest against it. Not comfortable for long periods.

    1. Aiman, they are sending me some samples to review and I did not ask for the backpack attachment because I am just not a backpack kind of girl! I’m super excited to try the Brightline bags!

  6. It’s funny that you posted this since I have been looking at these bags for the past few weeks and I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on the B2 compute, as I really prefer a small, well organized laptop backpack that I can slider over my luggage handle. I see that Aiman did not like the backpack rear panel, but I think that I will try it as most of the time it’s either on my luggage or I’m carrying it by hand. I’m looking forward to your review.

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