Shavelogic magnetic razor review

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REVIEW – I’ve always been picky when it comes to razors. I prefer to use a very sharp razor, even if it cost more. The Shavelogic Magnetic Razor promises “the best shave of your life,” so I decided to put that to the test.

What is it?

The Shavelogic Magnetic Razor is a five-blade razor with a unique magnetic cartridge.

What’s in the box?

  • Shavelogic Razor
  • Eight Cartridges

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Design and features

For many years, my preferred razor has been the Gillette Fusion5, a five-blade razor. I’ve tried many others, but the Gillette razor always seemed to have the best blades. There have been some that came close to Gillette, but none performed as well.

That is until now. The Shavelogic Magnetic Razor has been the first razor that performed as well as the Gillette. I shaved each side of my face with each razor and asked my wife to see if she could feel which side was smoother. I did this repeatedly and alternated sides each day. She concluded that it was pretty much a draw. Sometimes she would pick the Shavelogic side, and sometimes the Gillette side. But she also commented that it was so close that it could be related to me being right-handed.

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I could not tell the difference between the two. I was really impressed that the Shavelogic performed so well.

The Shavelogic razor’s magnetic cartridge system did not seem to provide many advantages over the typical cartridge attachment method. Technically there are fewer parts, which means less likely to fail, but I’ve never had a Gillette razor fail. It does appear to be a bit easier to clean, having fewer moving parts.

shavelogic 7
Simple, easy to clean, magnetic attachment
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5 quality blades, in a small compact design

The Shavelogic does have a larger pivot angle and a smaller cartridge area. At nearly 2/3s the size of the Gillette’s cartridge in height and the same in width. The Shavelogic five blades are more tightly spaced, fitting in the space of about 4 of the Gillette’s. This smaller head means that it may be more suited to you if you have issues reaching certain places.

shavelogic 3
Default angle of cartridge
shavelogic 4
Fully pivoted cartridge

The lubrication strip worked wonderfully. The blades’ closer spacing made it take a little longer to rinse out, but that’s a decent trade-off for more protection for your skin.

What I like

  • Nicely weighted handle
  • Excellent blades
  • Large pivot angle

What I’d change

  • Nothing I can think of

Final thoughts

I’m impressed with the Shavelogic magnetic razor. This is the first razor to match the Gillette quality, and they did it with a unique design that is both stylish and affordable. From my rough calculations, it’s about the same price as Gillette.

Price: $25 with four cartridges, $36 with Eight Cartridges as tested
Where to buy: Shavelogic
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Shavelogic.

11 thoughts on “Shavelogic magnetic razor review”

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  2. With Gillette I can get the price per cartridge close to $1 by using a CVS discount coupon but Shavelogic’s blades are over $4/cartridge with no hope of ever being on sale. I can get a week from a Gillette blade before it’s too dull, so unless Shavelogic lasts 4x longer, I’d end up paying about $150/year more.

    1. Agreed. Try using their so-called $10 gift card which doesn’t work and their Customer Service response is anything but english

  3. For me the key is that the tighter blades never cut my face and allow me to scrape harder for a closer shave so it’s not really a comparison to Gillette. With the tighter blades I don’t have to change my cartridges nearly as often. It’s such a better product overall with the nice metal handle vs plastic. No comparison between the two razors.

    1. No problems with the magnets. It’s very secure. No amount of force from normal use will make it detach. The only way to detach it is pressure from the back side. It may be a little easier to knock off if you’re rough handling it, but not much more than the Gillette.

  4. • smooth shave, as advertised
    • cartridge pivot too stiff; needs to flex more for comfort & safety
    • obscenely wasteful (& awkward to use) cartridge packaging
    • I wouldn’t pay $1 (let alone this stratospheric price) for a cartridge lacking a trimmer to get close to my nose, & to allow visibility when squaring sideburns
    • I’m happier with Harry’s

  5. Great handle but that’s where it ends. The Gillette hades to me are sharper and last longer and are significantly less expensive. Why do I have to pay 4 times more for blades that not only are not as sharp, you are paying for the magnet which you throw away every time you discard the blade and on top of that it does not come with a traveling protective case. Who thought up this stupid marketing plan!!!!!

  6. I shave every day use the Mach 3, i change blades every 2 or 3 months. I don’t use that crap shaving cream it’s a waste of money and doesn’t work for me
    Instead use a good face wash.

  7. I just tried Shavelogic. The handle is heavy and well made, but strangely small, too small, for my hand. It is almost an inch shorter than other my DSC razor. The blade is sharp.

    Two major shortcomings:

    1. The angle of the handle to the blade requires the handle to be almost vertical against the skin, which is uncomfortable.

    2. There is no trimmer blade so I cannot trim underneath my nose. Crazy that I need another razor to finish the shave.

    This would be a wonderful product but these flaws make it unusable for me.

  8. Anthony Barone

    They closed down once for months I threw my Handel away no blades available will it happen again. ?? Worries me to buy another one

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