The Claustrum Articular wallet isn’t for minimalists

claustrum artefact 1

NEWS – Here at the Gadgeteer, we love writing about and reviewing wallets. However, we tend to focus on minimalist wallets because they keep our EDC light and easy to manage. The Claustrum Articular wallet is the opposite of minimal and lightweight with its polyester-reinforced leather and stainless steel construction. The design of this Japanese wallet is unique because it features credit card storage in an accordion-style array of card slots. The Articular also offers a snap secured coin compartment and another long slot for dollar bills. By the way, you’re going to need a LOT of dollar bills to pay for one of these wallets because the price ranges from $260 up to $410. Interested? Head over to the Claustrum store for all the details.

claustrum artefact 2

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