OPOLAR TAD05 air duster vacuum review

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REVIEW – When you have a furry friend that shares your house with you, you often have a plethora of fur to deal with.  In our case, my furry friend is a pup named Peanut we adopted from Fredricksburg, SPCA in Texas.  Prior to Peanut, we always had shelties who had much longer fur that tended to clump into tumbling tumbleweeds of fur.  In Peanut’s case, the fur is small, fine, and scattered literally everywhere.  This includes places like my home office since I have been working at home with him as my constant companion.  I have found tiny bits of fur in my keyboards and in my trackball mouse.  When the OPolar Air Duster/Vacuum came up for review I jumped at it to see if it could help with my home office situation.

What is it?

The OPolar TAD05 only has the title Air Duster in its name, but it is also a pretty strong vacuum. It came with attachments for both vacuuming and dust blowing.  It has a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via a micro USB cable.

What’s in the box?

  • Warranty booklet
  • Vacuuming attachement
  • Blower attachment
  • Blower/Vacuum
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • User manual

Hardware specs

  • 800Pa Powerful Suction
  • 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 10W fast charging – if your self provided adapter can provide it
  • Multifunction nozzle tool – it has a retractable brush
  • removable and washable dust filter – replacements can be bought
  • Two different speed settings
  • 2.56 x 3.3 x 8.8 inches

Design and features

The TAD05 is really a versatile tool.  It can easily switch between vacuuming and dusting with a twist of the lower body of the appliance.  The picture below shows the TAD05 in blower mode.  Twisting the lower body to the right will put the device in vacuum mode.

In both modes, you can feel air blowing out of the nozzle to the left and sucking in air at the top of the device.  However, when in blower mode, all of the air coming out of the device is directed out of the thin nozzle on the side.  Opolar recommends you remove the air filter and vacuum attachment off the top of the device to ensure maximum air intake when using the blower.  The picture below shows the device in full blower mode.

In vacuum mode, you would attach the blue top with the air filter inserted.  It clicks into place with a notch.  The picture below shows the vacuum with the attachment for vacuuming attached.  The brush on the attachment can be pushed down to have a narrow nozzle for vacuuming on items like carpet or your seats in a car.

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The setup for the TAD05 is very simple.  I plugged the micro USB into the bottom of the device shown in the picture below.

When the TAD05 is charging, the LED above the power button will glow orange as pictured below.  When it is done charging the light goes out.


This vacuum/blower works really well.  I had done a previous review on another portable vacuum cleaner for the home office and had mentioned my dog in that review.  I neglected to put pictures of Peanut in the review, so I will make up for that now.  Here he is, chillaxing on my husband’s legs.

I don’t always shed, but when I do, I make sure my fur gets into everything!!!

The blower is extremely strong and so is the vacuum.  It picked up fur that I did not even know was there.  It does a great job on keyboards and all of the nooks and crannies around my monitors, docking station, and office supplies.  Here is a picture of the filter after one session of vacuuming in my home office.  I cleaned it as best I could in the trash can.  I then took it outside and used the blower feature to really clean out the filter.  It looked almost brand new.

I really like that it has dedicated blowing and vacuuming functions.  The other device I reviewed always had both features on at all times so the air was blowing out at you from the bottom of the device.

What I like

  • Very powerful vacuum and blower
  • lightweight
  • Easy to recharge
  • Can be a dedicated blower by pulling off the vacuum section and setting the dial to blower.

What needs to be improved

  • Maybe make the charger USB-C instead of micro USB

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a small portable vacuum/blower look no further.  This thing gets the job done and does it well.

Price: $89.99 on sale now for $10 off the normal price of $99
Where to buyAmazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by OPolar.

2 thoughts on “OPOLAR TAD05 air duster vacuum review”

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  2. Good timing – I was just looking for a non-compressed air solution for getting crumbs out of my Qwerkywriter typewriter-style keyboard! I’ve ordered it.

    1. And just received it. The instructions are less than adequate – they do not show how to use the two attachments! I just came back here to look at your photos again to get a clue. Now I see that one of them does go into the vacuum end, and the other on the blower.
      Note: do not start it up with a cat sleeping next to you – it’s louder than my big vacuum and startled someone – lol!

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