This pocket comb is a multi-tool that you need for your EDC

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NEWS – When I think about multi-tools, Leatherman tools are the first ones that come to my mind. But during one of my internet quests to find unique EDC gear, I discovered the carbon stainless steel Dango MT03 Comb & Clip multi-tool and wow.

First of all, there’s a comb for your beard or hair, but there’s a lot more to this multi-tool. There’s a removable and repositionable money clip that doubles as a fork. There’s also Phillips and straight screwdrivers, bit driver,  chisel, ruler, phone stand, and more. Want one? It’s affordable at $35 from

dango comb 2

dango comb 8

dango comb 3

dango comb 4

dango comb 5

dango comb 6

dango comb 1

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