Carpio is an ergonomic skateboard for your wrist

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NEWS – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is no joke. It’s a debilitating condition that makes using a mouse and keyboard very painful. One way to prevent RSI (repetitive stress injuries) is to make sure you are serious about ergonomics. Carpio from Deltahub is an interesting ergonomic wrist rest that has been designed to transfer pressure on your rest to the palm of your hand and slightly lifts the wrist while you use your mouse. If you’re interested in this gadget, it’s €29,90 ($33.17) from

2 thoughts on “Carpio is an ergonomic skateboard for your wrist”

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  2. At that price it’s worth a shot. I’ve tried just about everything else and a brace on the mouse hand doesn’t work well with a multi-buttoned gaming mouse.

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