The Bivy Stick turns your phone into a 2-way global satellite communicator

NEWS – When you are hiking, camping, or exploring in areas without cellular phone coverage can be a concern in the event of an emergency situation. Traditional satellite phones are expensive pieces of equipment with equally expensive usage charges. Is there a more economical alternative? That’s where the Bivy Stick comes in. This small device is similar in size to a portable back up battery, and pairs with your existing smartphone to allow it to send/receive texts and even send your location from anywhere in the world as long as you can see the sky. The Bivy Stick is priced at $349 and it works on a credit system that allow one action (text, location, tracking) per credit. Note that you can’t make voice calls with this device. The credits expire after a month and start at $17.99 for 20 credits. Visit for more info.

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