The Geekey multi-tool key has one feature that will blow you away

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NEWS – Are you tired of being weighed down by a full-sized multi-tool in your pocket or belt? For those days when traveling light is a must, the Geekey is a versatile multi-tool that will clip to your keychain. This key-sized tool has everything you need including one feature that will really surprise you.

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Here’s a full list (above) that shows the complete functionality of the Geekey. Have you found the surprising feature yet? Keep looking, I’ll wait. Did you find it? That’s right, this multi-tool doubles as a pipe! I’m not advocating smoking of any kind because ick. But I just can’t help admiring the ingenuity that went into the design of the Geekey. More info about this EDC tool can be found at and you can buy one for $22.95 from Amazon.

8 thoughts on “The Geekey multi-tool key has one feature that will blow you away”

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  2. I hope manufacturers read Gadgeteer. Makers of these tiny novelty wrenches should spend an hour with a mechanic. This tool wouldn’t service even a small bicycle. And it looks like it would cut fingers to try to twist a tight nut off. Wouldn’t the blade get dulled opening bottle caps? I just don’t get it. Real tools just aren’t this tiny. They can put these thoughts in their pipe and actually smoke them. 🙂

  3. Are you meant to put the business end of a metal tool into your mouth and suck it? Ick, as you say. Also how are you meant to use that protractor? Real protractors are transparent and/or have a scale on their edge. This is too clever for its own good. Paradoxically I might buy it if it had fewer functions.

      1. Robert Grenader

        Ok, real-world test. I’ve bent wire, tightened some loose hex nuts, used the driver tip, and used the serrated edge to open a package. measured something and filed a rough patch on a fingernail.
        I left it to my wife to, ahem, use the pipe section which I am sad to say was not that usable since she was laughing and spilled the contents of the bowl all over the place.
        Quite a deal for $22, even gave one to a friend for his birthday.

  4. Trying to find a review of the pipe.. specifically: does it actually work? Robert G didn’t really answer that question, due to the hilarity of the situation. Perhaps it is more of a conversation piece that lends itself to be part gag gift, part semi-useful gift, for a bicyclist who is also a cannabis connoisseur… who coincidentally finds him/herself bushwhacking in the backcountry, only to have a Yeti steal her/his pipe.. pauses to ponder the situation and exclaims: but wait! I have my ginsu pipe!

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