Turn your Canon camera into a webcam

NEWS – COVID-19 has reminded us how important it is to connect with other people, so much so that it’s nearly impossible to purchase a webcam these days, as they are all sold out.  Canon is doing their part to make things a little easier with the release of the EOS Webcam Utility Beta.  If you happen to already own one of the 25 Canon cameras on their list, this utility will turn it into a webcam for you.  Canon says, “To help bring you into the light, this beta version solution converts your compatible EOS ILC and PowerShot camera through a simple USB connection into a webcam. Built by Canon software developers, this beta version software helps consumers to improve their video appearance while using popular video conferencing applications in the market, delivering clarity and high-image quality.”  If you give this a try, let us know in the comments below how well it works.

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