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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – We all need to touch things that are outside our cleaning control.  These days, nobody wants to touch anything, given the current state of Covid19. Door knobs, ATM or gas pump keyboards, grocery store checkout screens, the list goes on.  What if there was a way to touch them, without actually touching them?

Enter the Hygiene Hand antimicrobial brass EDC door opener & stylus.  Crowdfunding on Kickstarter with an aggressive May 2020 target ship date, this little tool can help you keep your distance from all the germ-infested things we need to touch.  A good idea, even without the Covid19 issue.

A big benefit is a large hook that allows you to snag lever-style doorknob, and open it without touching it.  Since most commercial settings use this type of knob, it eliminates a major source or possible infection.

The tool is small enough for easy EDC and is designed to fit right on your keychain.

The end of the tool can be used to press buttons or as a screen stylus. Made from solid brass, it is naturally antimicrobial and is designed to fit into your hand in a variety of ways for ease of use in multiple situations.

They blew past their $5,000 goal and are already near $144,000 funded. The campaign ends on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, at 8:00 PM EDT. Rewards start at $19 or two for $36.  Find out more about the product on Kickstarter.

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  2. That ‘$144,000 funded of a $5,000 goal’ actually would worry me – that’s a couple of orders of magnitude more production than they were expecting, and they will likely need a whole different supply/manufacturer chain than they had envisioned. Long term, that’s a great position to be in, but with that short deadline they may not be prepared for that amount of interest.

  3. Please excuse my ignorance. Does it actually kill/deactivate the microbes on it or will those microbes just rub off when the tip later makes contact with your hand or pocket? Saw it advertised for $12.99 on Scam? Thanks.

    1. Paddy:
      From Wikipedia:
      The surfaces of copper and its alloys, such as brass and bronze, are antimicrobial. They have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly – often within two hours or less – and with a high degree of efficiency.

    1. Sorry to hear, Mike. Have you contacted the campaign? Based on their timeline, it looks like they are in the fulfillment period now, so they may still be coming. I expect you can also contact your credit card company if you believe you have been ripped off by the company.

    1. Sorry, Mike, I do not. I’d check out the Kickstarter link in the article and see if there’s contact info there.

      Best of luck.

  4. I ordered three of these door openers and never received them. There are many stories about Jiadi, LTD on the internet. It is a scam operation that uses Paypal to give it the appearance of legitimacy. You should not promote their products lest you get caught up in a legal process against them.

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