The Bellroy Apex backpack is some next level design thinking

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NEWS – Our friends at Bellroy are constantly pushing the envelope in bag design. Their latest creation, the Apex Backpack, looks absolutely brilliant. It’s got that’s tightly composed, upscale profile we see in all of Bellroy’s bags. And then you open it up to this:

How cool is that? This design is all about accessibility, flexibility, and organization. The interior uses a “toolbelt” design for sorting out all of your small stuff while keeping the main chamber as free as possible for bigger items. And it’s all wrapped in gorgeous materials and finishing details. Read more about the design and details here.

The Apex Backpack may not be for everyone with a premium-level price tag at $449. But I expect the quality to be in alignment with that pricing based on my previous experience with Bellroy. They just make top-notch stuff. Check out the Bellroy Apex here!

4 thoughts on “The Bellroy Apex backpack is some next level design thinking”

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  2. Christopher J Dubea

    $450? Holy moly.
    It better walk talk and make change for that price. Belroy makes some interesting products, but they sure are proud of them

    1. I can tell you that I have tested both mid range and higher end bags from Bellroy, and you can see and feel the differences in materials and quality.

      But even so… that’s still some lux-level pricing. not for everybody.

  3. Hard to tell how well it would work for me in terms of fit, function, and weight (I like light). At that price I would have to love it and I’m not going to take a chance that just MAYBE I would like it. I’m also a bit skeptical of the complexity even though it seems very interesting.

    1. All valid points. There are a lot of good products out there that are far less expensive, and you’ll tolerate some quirks and oddities. At this price range it has to be perfect.

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