Multi-tool or pocket knife? Yes, please

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NEWS – If you’ve never been a fan of the folding Leatherman style multi-tools and prefer a pocket knife, then you should take a look at the Maserin Citizen Multi Tools Knife that puts a multi-tool in a pocket knife form factor.

Available in black, orange and blue, this multi-tool features a 2.5 inch liner locked stainless blade, a ruler, bottle opener, can opener, a screwdriver tip, and a small carabiner clip.

But I think the coolest feature is the slot hex wrench. If you’re interested in adding this knife to your EDC collection, you can learn more, head over to or Amazon where you can buy one for $71.96.

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2 thoughts on “Multi-tool or pocket knife? Yes, please”

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  2. Clifford Legler

    A functionality comparison between this and a Leatherman is like a cargo capacity comparison between a backpack and a pickup truck. Even a basic Swiss Army knife shames it, and the advent of these closed hex wrenches (metric on this), is just frustrating. There’s a reason that a mechanic’s wrench has an OPEN end.

  3. Also, you can choose to strap the knife outside of your boots. You will feel more comfortable wearing boots with the boot knife strapped externally rather than having it stored inside the boots. Your feet will be able to move freely inside the boots itself.

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