Occupy your dog with a UFO

Kong Giro 1

NEWS – As a dog owner, I’m constantly looking for ways to keep my 50 lbs. Catahoula Curr occupied. I tried many different types of interactive feeders but my pup either destroyed or outsmarted the toy within a couple of minutes. After a bit of searching, I came across the Kong Giro feeder which incorporated the standard puzzle ball with a large ring around it like a gyroscope.

Kong Giro 2

This toy is the answer to all my problems. The extra ring around the sphere increases the difficulty of rolling the toy along with forcing my pup to roll it perpendicular to the attachment points rather than randomly tossing it around the room. The top of the sphere screws on and off for easy loading and cleaning while preventing any accidental opening during play. If you’re looking to occupy your dog, take look at the Kong Giro. You can buy one on Amazon for $17.

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