Sleek reusable grocery bags

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NEWS – In today’s day and age, every retailer has its own version of reusable shopping bags which is awesome. However, there is no consistency between them making them all different shapes, sizes, and durability. Additionally, trying to store the bags together is a nightmare, each folding in a different way and taking up a large amount of trunk space. BagPodz has come up with the perfect solution.

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Available in five and ten bag sizes, BagPodz provides a stuff bag for their shopping bags which eliminates the need to try to fold anything. The stuff bag also has a large carabiner clip that fits over any shopping cart handle, meaning you don’t have to dig your bags out from underneath all your items at checkout. Each bag is washable, made from water-resistant nylon and can hold up to 50 lbs. each. Show me a retail bag that can do that! You can read more about BagPodz by visiting their site and you can order one for $34.95 on Amazon.

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  2. Geez, go to Ralphs and spend $6.99 to Buy bags that fold flat but then stand up as a box shape with a solid bottom. I have four and can pack in more than eight grocery bags worth of groceries.

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