HeadBlade S4 MOTO GoldFinger head shaver review

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HeadBlade S4 3
REVIEW – For more than 2 decades, I have shaved my head each day and maintained it as bald. For me, this was more of a medical issue that a stylish choice, since I kept suffering from painful ingrown hair due to the texture of my hair. Over the years, I have tried many shavers with varying results, and the battery-powered Gilette Fusion Proglide has reigned supreme over all others no matter the features that the manufacturers claimed would result in a clean and close shave. The newest contender is the HeadBlade S4 MOTO GoldFinger. Let’s see if it ends up in the pile with the others that have been defeated by the Gilette.

What is it?

The HeadBlade S4 MOTO Goldfinger is part of a line of Signature Series Stainless Steel (S4) head shavers. As with all S4 models, only a limited run of 3,000 units is produced. They are made of stainless steel and are gold plated.  The S4 MOTO works with the HB4 or HB6 blade cartridges.

What’s in the box

HeadBlade S4 41 x HeadBlade S4 Moto GoldFinger (w/blade)
3 x Replacement Blades
1 x Additional HB6 Adaptor

Design and features

The HeadBlade S4 Moto GoldFinger is made of aluminum and plastic. The gold part is aluminum.
HeadBlade S4 12
The design allows the blade to flex in a spring-like manner when you apply pressure to shave. This ensures great contact without it being abrasive.
HeadBlade S4 10
It has a finger grip that is rigid but still a bit flexible so that it expands to hold even a larger finger.
HeadBlade S4 8
The blade is made up of six smaller individual blades. The opposite end of the blade has a ball that rotates as you rest your thumb on it in what seems to be a natural position.
HeadBlade S4 9


I started off using this shaver with very low expectations. I used the provided shaving lotion and created a thin layer of coverage on my head. Keep in mind that I usually shave every day so it is not easy to see the stubble on my head with the naked eye. However, it is easily felt when I rub my hand on my head. If you have good eyesight, here is a snapshot a spot of my head with stubble:
HeadBlade S4 5
As soon as I started to use the Headbalde, I was impressed. The way it allows you to hold and position it makes it glide smoothly over your head and face, and the quality of the blades is so good that it provides a very clean shave with less effort than the battery-powered Gilette Fusion Proglide shaver that I have been using for years. Keep in mind that I have tested other shavers and none of them provided a clean shave like the Gilette. That is until now. The design of this HeadBlade allows you to switch angles or the finger that you place in the grip so that you can easily get to every spot on your head and face. And, because the blades work so well, the overall shaving time is faster than any other shaver I have tried. Here is a snapshot of my head a few minutes later:
HeadBlade S4 6It is important to note that this shaver works just as well without shaving lotion/cream and with just water. I tend to shave my head in the shower as a part of my showering routine. I was concerned that it would not perform well in this scenario, but again I was wrong, and it did so without the nicks that I get from my Gillette. This may be somewhat unfair to my Gilette since I think that no matter how many replacement blades that I get when ordering what are considered genuine Gilette blades, the quality seems to vary. Hopefully, this will not be the same when I order the replacement blades for the HeadBlade. I am also hoping that the HeadBlade replacement blades will last longer since the shaver itself is relatively expensive.

The only thing that I do not like about the Headblade in comparison to my powered Gilette, is that my hair does not clog the blades of the Gilette whereas the HeadBlade blades get clogged and I do have to spend a couple of minutes vigorously washing it in the sink to remove the stuck hair from in between the blades.

HeadBlade is producing this S4 Moto GoldFinger model as a limited edition. Only 3000 will be available for purchase.
HeadBlade S4 11

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The close shave
  • The ease of use and positioning

What I’d change

  • Maybe make a powered version that may help with the clogging of the blades?
  • Possibly lower the cost a bit

Final thoughts

I can honestly say that prior to trying this HeadBlade shaver, that I was very sure that it would just be another ok shaver that would not come close to the clean shaving experience that my trusted Gilette Proglide powered shaver accomplishes. Well, I will readily admit that I was wrong. And, I was so wrong, that at least for now, this shaver has become my go-to shaver and has demoted the Gilette to 2nd place. Well done and two thumbs up!!

Price: $75
Where to buy: HeadBlade website and Amazon where you can find the plastic versions for $15 each.
Source: The sample for this review was provided by HeadBlade.

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  2. Hey Julian,

    I really liked your review. I’ve been shaving my head for 13 years now and have tried different razor handles and blades. I moved away from the Gillette store bought blades and moved over to the Dollar Shave club about 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. I do like the smaller finger blade handle but I think the replacement blades are going to be cost prohibitive. I’ve been very happy with the various razor handles I have bought from Dollar Shave Club as well as the blades that are very reasonably priced and in my very humble opinion, does a very good job in shaving my head and face. I don’t mean for this to be a Dollar Shave Club ad, I really liked your review and appreciate the time you put into it.

  3. I shave my head for 20 years with double edge safety razor with great results (my face also) for a fraction of the price of any modern multi blade razors.

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